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Apr 25, 2012 01:25 PM


greetings from Mexico

I have a small travel agency in Riviera Maya and I have a family going to London in July

Thay are very well travelled people and they like good things...

I want to recommend some eating-places and I need your valuable help...

I need an amazing restaurant ( tip top..) I heard about Barbecoa... The Ivy need somthign very british but i want to hear from London people from these top level places.

For another day i need something wiht nice views.. or something to make it unforgettable ...but also upscale ....

To finish a good London pub

Thanks again as suusla for your help

Best regards from Mexico


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  1. Hi Jose

    Suggest you just read through the posts over recent weeks and you'll soon see which places are recommended that will suit your clients' tastes and wallet.

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    1. re: Harters

      Thanks Harters I really appreciate :-)

      1. re: JARRIKEIIN

        Harters is right, do a quick search and you will come up with loads.

        but just quickly, there's better places than Barbecoa (for steak/meat) - try places like Hawksmoor, or for British 'top level' places, other restaurants like Ledbury, Launceston Place, Pollen St Social, or for the view, Galvin at Windows would fit the bill.

        1. re: pj26

          Pj 26 Thanks for info you provided I really appreciate

          1. re: JARRIKEIIN

            Keep in mind, Jose, that if your clients are in London during the Olympics, it will be difficult to book restaurants for that time. I hope they're coming towards the beginning of July and not the end!

            I'd also recommend Bistro Bruno Loubet, Min Jiang for excellent Chinese food, and Ishbilia if they'd like to try some Lebanese dishes.

            1. re: zuriga1

              Hey Zuriga tahnsk for you tips, especially the one for the olympics... your are 100% right :-)

              Thanks again !!!