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Apr 25, 2012 12:17 PM

Easy/fast access to Penn Station

I'm hoping someone can recommend a good spot for an early (6-6:30) weeknight dinner in a location that's either a quick cab ride or an easy subway ride to Penn Sta. Greek, Italian, French -- all good. Small and intimate with a reasonably priced menu (not more than $50 pp) even better. Any recommendations? Thanks!

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  1. Keen's Steakhouse and Ai Fiori are both within close walking distance.

    1. This comes up often. Search for Penn or MSG or Madison Square Garden.

      Recent thread:

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      1. re: thegforceny

        I didn't actually say I wanted to be in the vicinity of Penn Station; I just want to be able to get back there relatively easily. That means a cab ride that doesn't have to go crosstown at rush hour, or a short subway ride, preferably without having to change trains. A few stops south of Penn Sta. on the A. C or E, for example, would be fine

          1. re: CindyJ

            That covers quite a bit of area - a short ride on A/C/E will take you to Chelsea, WV, UWS... there's also 1/2/3 train at Penn Station as well. So you could probably go anywhere on the West Side of Manhattan. It would probably be helpful to be a little more specific - for instance, would you prefer Greek cuisine to others? (I'm only mentioning it because you named it first.) That would narrow it down quite a bit, for example.

            1. re: uwsister

              I'm more interested in the quality of the food than ethnicity, and Greek would be great. And south of Penn is better than north.

              1. re: CindyJ

                TONS of options.....

                Going SW into Chelsea:
                Grand Sichuan
                El Quinto Pino
                Red Cat
                Trestle on Tenth

                Going SE:
                The Breslin
                John Dory
                The restaurants in EATALY
                15 East
                Gramercy Tavern

                1. re: thegforceny

                  Thanks!!!!! That's the kind of list I was hoping for.

                2. re: CindyJ

                  For Greek that's relatively close/easy to get to and fro, look in to Dafni Greek Taverna:

                  1. re: LeahBaila

                    I'll definitely check it out. Thanks!!!

                      1. re: buttertart

                        Completely absurd portions, though. Order half of what you think you want, seriously.

                        1. re: Pan

                          Or go all the way and take the rest home, if it's something amenable to same and you can. They serve terrific olives, by the way.

          2. When softshell season is on Tracks (IN Penn Stn) has a "festival" and features an excellent softshell crab po'boy. I'm not kidding.