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Apr 25, 2012 12:03 PM

German Restaurants in NJ

After watching an episode of Guy Fieri's Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, I watched a German chef prepare a fabulous traditional German Bavarian dinner. I checked for German restaurants here and found only two: Black Forest up north and Schnitzel-something down south. Is that IT??

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  1. Kirker's Inn in Hawthorne.

    And then there's the Pilsner Haus in Hoboken, Helmer's in Hoboken, and to a lesser extent, Zeppelin Hall in Jersey City.

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    1. re: tommy

      The Pilsner House has improved their menu since opening. The best I had in Jersey was a place that closed, can't recall the name but it was on Route 23 where Tiff's is now.

      1. re: roro1831

        Ohhhh, I you mean The Triangle Hofbrau! I miss that place.

        That being said, Pilsner Haus in Hoboken is pretty great, totally different atmosphere though. I first went there with a friend who happens to be German and he ordered us a variety of food, including the Wiener schnitzel and it was excellent.

        1. re: JulietB

          That's it. I loved the rabbit dish they served.

          1. re: JulietB

            Pilsner Haus had the best mussels I've ever had EVER. I love this place and my only regret is that it isn't closer to where I live.

        2. re: tommy

          Helmers in Hoboken is quite good.

          1. re: tommy

            Kirker's menu is all over the place. In my experience that does not bode well for good German food.

            1. re: wblorch

              I don't think it's very good. I was simply offering it as an example.

              Have you eaten at Kirker's?

              1. re: tommy

                Yes I have been to Kirker's. I would recommend Helmer's in Hoboken. I have been there with several colleagues from Germany and they found it to have very good food and beer selection.

          2. Schneider's - Avon-by-the-Sea (Belmar-ish)


            To quote their website "known for our hearty German-Austrian-Hungarian dishes"

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            1. re: jfedorko

              Went there a couple of weeks ago and enjoyed it. Food was good, service was good.

            2. The Dutchman's in Manahawkin, just as you are crossing onto LBI.


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              1. re: Quine

                We keep trying The Dutchman's every few years and never had anything worth going back for besides the beer and popcorn. Anything you can recommend?

                1. re: cook262

                  I have not been there for quite a few years, myself. I only tossed it out there for the information.

              2. Not NJ but just over the Outerbridge in Staten Island


                1. I miss Fritzy's in Howell! :( So close to home and so delish! (Not to rain on your parade...sorry!)