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Apr 25, 2012 11:57 AM

Best Frisee Salad in LA?

Sometimes you get a craving for something. In my case, it would be a runny fresh poached egg on a bed of frisee, slightly wilty and salty from hot lardons being placed on them moments ago....please chowhounds, let me know where you had a great frisee salad. I am near Hollywood area and don't want to travel to westside/valley if it can be helped...(no slur to those places, just lack of time!) Thanks!

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  1. #1 best frisee aux lardons in LA, IMO: Comme Ca.

    Not only is it near you and not only is it awesome, but if you ask them, they'll put a SECOND deliciously poached, runny egg on top for you.

    Perfect if you're, say, splitting the delicious salad with a loved one.

    (And damn, are their lardons excellent.)

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      Thank you. A second poached egg may be the most tempting thing ever. I will check it out soon!