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Apr 25, 2012 11:24 AM

Italian 00 flour

other than Buon Italia in the Chelsea market, has anyone any source for 00 Italian flour in Manhattan?

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  1. Try Alleva, 188 Grand Street, or Raffetto's, 144 W Houston St.

    Eataly probably has it as well.

    1. You may want to try Ninth Avenue International Foods on 40th and 9th.

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      1. Whole Foods, Columbus Circle (IDK about other stores), recently started stocking Caputo 00 for pizza

        Garden of Eden, 14th near 5th, also has the Caputo 00, sometimes they also have the soft wheat variety for pasta.

        DiPalo's on Grand St in Little Italy sometimes has it, but not always.

        Oddly enough, I haven't seen it at Eataly, but maybe I missed it.

        1. I haven't seen Caputo "00" at BuonItalia. They do carry Gran Mugnano brand, both a pasta and a pizza variety.

          1. i believe williams sonoma check them out