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Apr 25, 2012 10:37 AM

Grass Valley/Nevada City Recs

Going to be in the Grass Valley/Nevada City area this weekend...

Looking for some restaurant rec's.... We are very adventurous eaters, open to any cuisine. As far as restaurant style, looking for casual places as well as fine dining. We are gluten free, and restaurants are usually able to accommodate us. Looking for good local places, lunch, dinner, snacks, ice cream/other treats..

Thanks for your help!

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  1. Stay away from New Moon in Nevada City, if it is still in business. Unless you want to dine on hype and attitude, and pay for the privilege at the same time.

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      Ok, do you have any suggestions on where I should go?

      Thanks for your help!

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        Villa Venezia in Grass Valley was very good, changed management and got terrible, and recently heard it is back in the good column again. A worthy option to explore - charming old house.

    2. Diego's – Chilean
      217 Colfax Highway Grass Valley
      530. 477-1460

      Sopa Thai Cusine
      312-316 Commercial Sr.
      Nevada Ctiy, CA 95959
      (530) 470-0101

      Ike's Quarter Cafe
      401 Commercial
      Nevada City

      1. Kane's (Grass Valley) is pretty good.

        Diego's is AMAZING.

        Matteos in NC is really good.

        Villa Venezia in Grass Valley has the most adventurous food in the area.

        Cafe Mecca has the best coffee ever. Summer Thymes is great for coffee and so is Caroline's. Flour garden bakery is really good too.

        Goomba's has really good Italian. Love the meatballs.

        Pine Street Cafe is great for breakfast. So is Ike's.

        1. New Moon Cafe is the best restaurant in the area. Yes, it is expensive, but it is all made from local and organic food, to order. The fish is wild, line caught and fresh. The meats are grass fed and organic. It's delicious. There are 53 beers to choose from and a giant wine list with bottles from $16 to $160

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            Yup, exactly the hype we fell for too. Terrible dinner and pricy too. Avoid.

          2. The chinese place at Brunswick Basin is great. Asian Garden.

            Kanes is great in downtown Grass valley. Mostly Italian but always delish.

            In Nevada City try Matteos. For the money the best in the county. All housemade, local ingredients great beer selection etc..