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Apr 25, 2012 10:29 AM

Any good Mexican food in Silver Lake?

there are a lot of mexican restaurants in the area, but are any of them CH worthy? And please dont' say Yucca's.

Looking for casual sit down place and also a place to get my taco fix (ie. stand, truck, hole in the wall, etc)

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  1. Best tacos near Silverlake are at Mexicali Taco & Co. on Figueroa just north of Sunset. Not really Silverlake, but not too far. Other than that I can't think of anywhere in Silverlake that I'd go for Mexican food rather than drive farther afield for far better Mexican food. It's a shame since I live in Silverlake. But, I've tried all the Mexican places in the neighborhood and while some are okay for margaritas and chips and salsa, there aren't any that I would consider to have good Mexican food.

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    1. re: estone888

      sadly, this has also been my experience. Lots of mexican places but most, if not all, have been disappointing.

    2. The Oaxacan quesadilla cart in Echo Park is worth a visit.

      1. Ricky's Fish Taco is great, but he's only got fish and shrimp tacos. Haven't been to the Taco Zone truck on Alvarado in a while but it's generally quite good. I actually like Alegria, even if not terribly authentic. Unfortunately the service isn't great and they are adamantly anti-BYOB.
        Malo is fun, although it's not the most consistent.
        Unfortunately it's downhill from there.

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          I find Taco Zone pretty reliable. A big fan of the cabesa and tripe tacos, although most gueros go for the suadero (beef brisket). They usually don't get going until 8pm or so.

          As for Alegria, I've brought beer in there before with zero problems but this was at least two years ago, maybe they've had some issues since then.

          1. re: Chowpatty

            When did Alegria become adamantly anti-byob? It's been byob since day 1.

            1. re: Grog

              I have always thought of Alegria as being one of the worst Mexican places in LA.

              Having said that, I lived in Silverlake for over 24 years until months ago. The only Mexican spot that was great disappeared over 20 years ago. There is no outstanding Mexican food in Silverlake although I do frequent Tacos Delta for 2 or 3 items.

              1. re: Grog

                Someone reported them to the city maybe 2 years ago, right around the time they started taking credit cards. No mas byob.

            2. Sadly, there isn't, as far as I've been able to find IN Silver Lake. Every sit down place has problems (although I haven't been to Alegria). Malo I was very disappointed with. I love Yuca's original, but not the Silver Lake location so much. La Parrilla makes some good molcajetes, but the atmosphere is depressingly skanky. Barragans is Barragans, El Compadre is El Compadre. El Conquistador is terrible. For tacos, Taco Zone is only open after my eating hours. Siete Mares is too big n' greasy.The Tacos Delta stand near Sunset Junction is a B-, Machos Tacos is a C-.

              So, slim pickings. I know others will insist on Malo for sit-down, but I prefer old school Cali-mex and would recommend El Chavo for a few things they do very well: chile verde (wickedly spicy and my fave in town), taquitos, tostadas, margaritas. I've also had acceptable if unremarkable meals at Casita del Campo. For (lunchtime) tacos... Delta, I guess, though I haven't tried La Esquinita.

              Another thread:


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              1. re: jesstifer

                Any votes for Mixto for lunch/casual tacos? I haven't been there enough times to really judge, but it seemed pretty bland. Still, nice to be able to get grass-fed beef.
                La Parrilla is closed now. I think "acceptable" might be pushing it for Casita del Campo. But I think we mostly agree?

                1. re: Chowpatty

                  I love Mixto and eat there once a week (at least). It's not authentic Mex -- healthy'ish Mex. Terrific tacos and whole wheat burritos. A better version of Hugo's Tacos.

                  1. re: Chowpatty

                    To me, Mixto is a mini version of Alegria which I detest. Sadly, it's Mexican "health food" which means bland, boring and very inauthentic. The grass fed beef is nice but ...

                    I got a torta the second day it was open. It was a plain telera roll with beef. Period. Nothing else on it. Then I found out you have to pay 50 cents for each item. Cilantro, 50 cents, crema, 50 cents, cheese 50 cents, onion, 50 cents and on and on.. by them your already pricy torta is expensive.

                    Brown rice, whole wheat tortillas is the order of the day.

                  2. re: jesstifer

                    > La Parrilla makes some good molcajetes,
                    > but the atmosphere is depressingly skanky

                    La Parilla was barely a step above an El Torito. This is moot as they are now closed:

                    1. re: Peripatetic

                      They do make reasonably good margaritas at Casita del Campo and if you drink enough of them the food won't make you gag, though it's a near thing. But if you drink enough of the margaritas you might be revisiting the food later and that's really not very pleasant.

                      1. re: estone888

                        i've mentioned this before and got ____ for it, but i had a really good taco salad once from casita del campo. it was a couple of years ago and it was really good. just sayin'!

                        1. re: Clyde

                          If you liked it, I'm happy for you. But I sure haven't ever had anything there I'd be willing to eat again.

                          1. re: estone888

                            that's funny. yeah, i don't go there anymore...

                    2. re: jesstifer

                      I must say that I have a long standing fondness for the shrimp burrito at Siete Mares. I've found it to be a good combination of flavor and textures, and an unparalleled carb fest to boot.

                    3. I personally think Alegria is by far the best option, though it isn't authentic Mexican or authentic Mexican American (re the latter I say thank God).