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Apr 25, 2012 10:28 AM

Good Restaurant in Manhattan for group

Having a girls weekend with 5 of my college roommates. Looking for a good, fun restaurant for dinner, followed by drinks at nearby bars. Thinking east village, LES. Any recommendations? Specifically looking for American or Italian food.

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  1. The Smith in the EV is easy, fairly inexpensive, and will suit your purpose. 'inoteca on the LES is another option, as is Schillers. Check out Beauty & Essex too (free champagne in the bathrooms).

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    1. re: EBT

      Or you could go across 3rd Av to Apiary instead.

    2. Thanks! What are your thoughts on Stanton social? Haven't been and hear its pretty good for groups....

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        1. re: BrettLove

          Love ABC kitchen and I';ve been a few times. Maybe i'll check there!

        2. re: Aspen1120

          I've only been to Stanton Social for their brunch tasting menu which was a complete and total scam (tiny portions so you have to order two breakfasts). Would sooner go to Freemans if you're in LES.