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Apr 25, 2012 10:06 AM

Visiting Vancouver/White Rock

I will be visiting from Toronto and would like some suggestions on where to eat, cheap and good!

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  1. Uli's in White Rock is pretty good. Not sure how cheap it is as I was there for a price fixe thing on Monday. I believe the regular menu should be good value.

    The official Uli's webpage is down so take a look here:

    As for Vancouver, take a peak around the boards. Tons of good info already posted.

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      Second on Uli's. Prices are comparable to anything of similar quality in Vancouver. If you feel like giving up meat, the quinoa burger there is the best I've had.

    2. There are tons of threads about Vancouver on here but White Rock is actually a hidden gem kind of place with some really great resto's in all price levels. I personally like Pearl Bistro (Formerly Pearl on the Rock) and their sister spot Onyx Steak House. Little pricy but great quality and service anytime I've been there.

      Best thing to do though, especially if the weather is good and you have a little time is park down on the beach near the pier and just walk up and down the strip. There are over a dozen small restaurants, pubs and bistros with a variety of cuisines. I think they all have their menus out front so you can just walk by and browse them all and go in to wherever catches your fancy.

      Have a great time and let us know how it goes.