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Local Asparagus

Has anyone seen locally grown asparagus yet? Is it too early? I've only seen stuff from California so far.

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  1. Hey there,
    We've had it here in NYC for about a week so you should have it this week or next. It's always a treat to have the first local asparagus of the season. Enjoy!

    1. I'm out in Western Mass, and we've had it for about a week, so it must be popping up in your stores now.

      1. More importantly, where in the Boston area can we buy local asparagus when it arrives? I don't think I've ever seen local asparagus at Russo's, which is where we do most of our produce shopping out of farmer's market season. Are the Somerville and/or SOWA winter markets my best option?

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          Good question! I called Russo's this morning and they only had California asparagus. There's the Cambridge/Somerville/SOWA winter markets this weekend but will there be any?

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            I have only seen asparagus at Verrill Farms, but I don't know whether it is available yet this year. Volante Farms has planted it but it will be a year/few years until they are ready to eat.

            I have seen NJ asparagus at Whole Foods.

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              Pemberton Farms in Cambridge brings in Verrill's, but it's not always in the best of shape--asparagus is one of those vegetables best eaten as soon after picking as possible.

            2. Verrill Farm tweeted 1 week ago about their asparagus going to be ready in 1 week - no updates yet. https://twitter.com/#!/verrillfarm/st...

              Wilson Farm tweeted last Thursday their own asparagus was available https://twitter.com/#!/wilsonfarm/sta... However, when I went on Friday morning, all I could find was CA asparagus.

              Safest bet is to call both farms before heading out. Russo's only have CA asparagus, I don't think they ever buy local ones.

              1. saw some at Sherman Market, Union Sq, on Sat.

                1. If you're interested in wild asparagus I've seen it at Savenors on Charles Street, it might have been later in the season I'm a bit vague about that.

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                    City Feed on Centre St. in JP has had it (on and off, in their way) for the last few days. I bought a bunch earlier this afternoon. $7 a lb.

                  2. I have it coming up at home....

                    1. Haven't seen it yet but Allendale farm in JP had it last year.

                      1. Volante Farms does have it this year and it is great, so if you live closer to Needham than to Concord or Lexington, I would go there for your local asparagus fix.

                        1. Harper Farms on 117 in Leominster/Lancaster had it last weekend.

                          1. Verrill Farm has their fantastic asparagus available right now. My kids can't seem to get enough. Enjoy!

                            1. I bought some yesterday from Siena Farms at the Copley market.

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                                    Although ours came from Silverbrook Farm (I think), not Siena. Looks lovely, though!

                              1. Indian Head in Berlin right now, excellent, $6.50 a bunch

                                1. Tendercrop Farm, in Newbury (Rt. 1A), is showing "their own" asparagus is available.

                                  Verrill holds their asparagus festival on Sat. 26 May.

                                  1. Three or four vendors had it for $5/bunch at the first Dewey square market today.

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                                      I bought some at Dewey Sq yesterday and they were great, simply steamed..also beautiful romaine.

                                    2. Had it twice this week from Verrill. Also the Verrill Asparagus Festival is this weekend.


                                      (sorry for re-posting..missed the post above)

                                      1. Strawberry Hill on 133 in Andover has a sign out yesterday "fresh native asparagus"

                                        1. Wilson Farms has their own asparagus