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Apr 25, 2012 09:50 AM

Upcoming Paris trip- after a lot of research, here's what we've booked- COMMENTS PLEASE

We are staying in a flat in the 6th and have no problem getting anywhere in town:

Tuesday: lunch- need suggestion in the 6th. dinner: Les Saisons

Wednesday: lunch- need suggestion. dinner: la tete dans les olives (yes we got in)!!

Thursday lunch: Agape Substance. dinner: Les Jalles

Friday lunch: L'Ange 20 dinner: Le Reminet

Please let me know what you think and if there's someplace I should take out and replace with ...(your suggestion).

Thanks so much fellow CH'S!!!!

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  1. Hello .. Do not know any of these places but can recommend some of the BEST in Paris, including Must-Dos when in Paris.. Not the High-End places like Tour d'Argent but some of the best Bistro and Cafes as this is what Paris is all about.

    1) La Palette .. A great inexpensive Bistro on the Rue d Sein about 3 blocks from Blvd St Germain as you walk down toward the Seine. Best at lunch, great Plats du Jour and quintessential Bistro atmosphere.

    2) Cafe Duex Maggots .. Probably Paris's most famous Cafe and one of Hemingway's favorites. It's on Blvd St Germain across from church of the same name, St Germain. Cafe Flore next door is also one of Paris's most famed cafes and the favorite of Picasso.

    3) Brasserie Lipp, across the stree on Blvd St Germain from Flore and Duex Maggot is one of the Great Brasseries of Paris, wonderful ambiance, great food. It was a favorite of Hemingway.

    4) Polidor Bistro on Rue Monsier la Prince ... Probably the coolest most authentic Bistro in all of Paris .. A couple blocks away from the epi center of St Germain walking away from the Seine in the direction towards Montparnasse and the Louxenbourg Gardens, a "MUST DO"

    5) (La Coupole) Speaking of Blvd Montparnasse and Must-Dos, one is the great Brasserie
    "La COUPOLE" on the Blvd Montparnasse, great ambiance, wonderful food, great service. After a dinner at La Couple you might want to stop at Le Select across the street for a nightcap or coffee. Great place and a favorite of Hemingway.

    Hope this was Helpful. Have a Wonderful time. Daniel, NYC

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    1. re: xpicassox

      I agree that going to the cafes on Blvd. St Germain and Blvd. Montparnasse is wonderful. They've got such Parisian history.

      1. re: bronwen

        They do indeed have a glorious history. And/but one that has made them universal attractions, insuring that you will be surrounded by the same people that came over on the plane with you.

        Sockter's final choices have absolutely no history and offer, not only a fine meal, but the probability that he will dine among locals and a few ahead-of-the-curve food lovers.

    2. Most of your choices are very good.
      1. I would have just one major meal per day. More is less.
      2. Apage Substance and Les Jalles in one day is overdose. Spread the two.
      3. Reminet is a very romantic spot. The food has become somewhat weaker than the setting. You can perhaps move Apage S or Les Jalles to its spot.
      4. Bravo on la Tête dans les olives.
      5. Les Saisons got mixed reviews here. In Barcelona you like more inventive places. Why not Saturne?

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      1. re: Parigi

        Hi Parigi- I was hoping you'd reply! Really wanted to get into L'Astrance or Frenchie...didn't get into either. Can you help?

        I think I'll move Agape to dinner on either Tuesday or Friday. Funny, I orignally booked Saturne for Friday night, and read a lot of very mixed reviews....what do you think? Are there any other places we should try that I haven't mentioned? Are you in Paris? We have two spots available (out of five) at la Tete...would love to do a C H private dinner. Let me know what you think.


        1. re: sockster

          Saturne is really quite good. We've visited several times and each time never had a stinker in any course. (Isn't that some kind of double negative?) We will book for an upcoming visit, if that is any rec.

          Le Galopin is excellent and somewhat reflects your approach. It is just down the alley from La Téte,

          I, personally, love Rino: for the food, the storefront atmosphere and the joyous kitchen and staff.

          1. re: mangeur

            If I were you, I would use all of Mangeur's recs.
            When is your trip to Paris? Frenchie's reservations must be made about 2 months in advance.
            My advice would be: don't sweat it. It is very good, but not good enough for one to try to call from the other side of the world every day for weeks.
            The reason why I recommended Saturne is that it has a resonant approach and quality but is more consistent than Frenchie, in my experience at least.
            Rino is along similar lines.
            In between, Le Galopin would be a good contrast bistro.

          2. re: sockster

            2 spots at La Tête? Very tempting. What is the date?

            1. re: Parigi

              We're in Paris from the 15-19 of May. The La Tete dinner is Wed 16. They charge 150 euro for the table, whether we're 2, or 5. We've invited a friend from Paris, thus our two open seats. You can contact me directly at As for Mangeur's suggestions, where do you suggest I fit them in? Incidently, we moved Agape to Tuesday night now, so the only lunch we're booked for is Friday at L'Ange 20.

              1. re: sockster

                I would replace Les Saisons and Le Réminet with 2 of Mangeur's choices.
                I will consult my "dance card" and write you. :-)

        2. Here is where we've whittled it down many choices, so few days:

          Tues Dinner: Le Dauphin
          Wed Lunch: Septime Wed Dinner: La Tete les Olives
          Thurs Lunch: Agape Thurs Dinner: Les Jalles
          Friday Lunch: L'Ange 20 Friday Dinner: Le Galopin (thanks mangeur), or Saturne

          COMMENTS PLEASE?? I know we're kind of overdoing it, but like I said, so many little time!! THANKS!!

          1. I've tweeked the "final" selections once again. So many great little time.

            Tues Dinner: Le Dauphin
            Wed Lunch: Septime
            Wed Dinner: Le tete dans olives
            Thurs Lunch: Agape Substance
            Thurs Dinner Chez Ami Jean
            Fri Lunch: Spring
            Fri Dinner: Le Galopin

            I took out: Les Jalles, Saturn and L'Ange 20.

            Do you have any comments other's a lot of food, I know..Would love to know what you think.. THANKS!!

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            1. re: sockster

              All very good, but with 2 meals a day, you may end upl enjoying less instead of more, I'm afraid.
              For example, your Wed, Thurs and Fri meals may end up diluting each other's experience.
              If I were to choose one meal a day:
              Wed: La Tête DLO
              Thurs: Chez L'Ami Jean lunch
              Fri: Spring. Esp after Spring, you don't want to go decrescendo to Le Galopin (even though le Galopin would be very nice in another context). Spring should be your last blast of a meal.
              Have a great time.

              1. re: Parigi

                Reviving this thread... If you were going to Septime for dinner, where would you choose for lunch? It will be our first day in paris so we'll be looking forward to these first 2 meals.. I was thinking Au Passage, Le Pantruche, Les Papilles.. but need some help picking just one of course. Au Passage and Le Pantruche are only open Mon - Fri.. and it will be on a Friday night. Thanks!

                1. re: jessicablock

                  " Au Passage, Le Pantruche, Les Papilles"
                  are very different places;
                  me if I were going to Septime would get some oysters for lunch.
                  But I guess Au Passage is the easiest one-dish place of your three.

                  1. re: John Talbott

                    "me if I were going to Septime would get some oysters for lunch."
                    Likewise, or likewise just some charcuterie in a wine bar like Le Bouclier de Bacchus.