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Apr 25, 2012 09:29 AM

tacos de Mollejas

Hey All,
I will be in Chicago, the Logan Square area in late may. I was wondering if any one knows of any taqueria's that serve Mollejas?
I just got 2 pair from the neck and would love to try the end product before I cook mine so I have an idea of what there supposed to taste like.
Also any menudo recommendations in the Logan Square area would be very helpful; it will be needed Saturday in the morning becuse of Friday night’s festivities. ;)
Thanks for reading this and any replies!

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  1. It's worth the trip down to the southwest side of Chicago in the Little Village neighborhood, where there's one of the city's best taquerias, La Chaparrita. They have molleja and many other delicious kinds of tacos in the style of those in Mexico City.
    2500 S. Whipple St.

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      JUST got back from La C. I'm not a fan of mollejas, but I know plenty of folks who say La Chaparrita's are really good. Man, that place is the shizz for tripas and their longaniza is outstanding.

      1. re: gordeaux

        Hey Thanks a ton for the replies!!!
        Never would have found La Chaparrita with out them, They have been added to the trip list. I’m a big lengua fan and looks like La Chaparrita will more then get me my fix of that also.

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          Since you mention lengua, Tierra Caliente is closer to your Logan Square base. They also have some of the best al pastor in Chicago (but I haven't seen mollejas there). Like La C and many other places, this taqueria is at the back of a grocery store.
          1402 N. Ashland

          1. re: camusman

            A++++++ Camusman That use to be my store!!!!!!

            When I lived in Wicker Park 13 years ago I did 90% of all my shopping there. Every other Sat/Sun I was at the counter eating menudo and nursing a hangover. They had the stinky-est store made chorizo in Chicago but man it was good. (A friend once saw me on the street walking home and gave me a ride, he still complains about the smell in his trunk)
            None the less, that’s the exact type of place I was hoping Logan Square had.

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              If you're willing to settle for good tacos rather than great, then Don Chema in Logan Square does a nice job: 2331 N. California.
              Just outside Logan is La Oaxaquena, 3382 N. Milwaukee. Very good tacos.
              As for hangover food, it's hard to beat the Atomica torta at Cemitas Puebla, 3619 W. North Ave.

    2. Thanks guys you all hit it on the nail with the recommendation to La Chaparrita. Not sure I’m a fan of the Mollejas, but I got an idea of how it should taste.

      I will add a big old WOW with the lengua and tripas. I have never had the lengua sliced as apposed to chopped or chopped up to a paste, with out a doubt sliced is the right way, and the 50/50 fried/soft tripas out freaking standing. Also got the Longaniza on the huaraches.

      thanks again

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        Good to hear. Just about everything at that place is great.