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Apr 25, 2012 08:58 AM

Food itinerary - thoughts

So the highlight of this trip is almost food, but the number one goal is total R&R without kids. To me that's very closely tied in with food -- so I have a somewhat crazy foodie itinerary with lots of possibility for scaling down when sleeping or lounging by pool -- but still don't want to squander a valuable meal to room service.

We like to mix in a lot of authentic ethnic and "low brow" eats with a few splurges -- usually not more than one out-and-out splurge. For the super-splurge I'm thinking Le Cirque and/or Scarpetta. Le Cirque sounds more all-out divine, but on our NYC trip last year we favored Babbo over Eleven Madison Park, for example.

Arrive very late Wednesday -- if we are hungry, thinking about late late dinner at either China Poblano or tacos el gordo. Normally we'd go for the more authentic possibility, but we are from DC and huge Jose A. fans so I'm dying to see this concept. I understand they also have a take-out menu -- will be miss out by not staying in?

Thursday am may be a Bouchon breakfast. I'm really interested in trying poke, per my previous post, and thinking about Hawaiian Style Poke, which looks like it's about a mile off the strip -- could combine with a jog there if not too hot? I'm down with eating it by the pool for a late breakfast if they open at 10am as promised. Lunch is Milos: $20 menu looks great. Does anyone know if the signature dish -- many-layered eggplant and zucchini -- is worth straying off the set menu for? Dinner that night looks like Scarpetta or Sage.

Lunch Friday has got to be Lotus of Siam. Dinner Le Cirque. Saturday brunch Border Grill. Saturday dinner before an 11:30p plane -- Sage? Enough time?

There's still so much on my list I would love to do -- Chinatown dim sum, Raku, the ramen place people rave about, Hash house for fried chicken eggs benedict, sushi samba which is a usual fave ... thoughts? additions? Also, all I've read about even the better buffets like Wicked Spoon leads me to not include them, but I must say I'm entranced by the pictures of the desserts. I'm an absolute fiend for macarons. Any recs for substitutes?

Thanks! Going off to eat my lean fish, spinach and quinoa lunch -- doing my best to look good in a bikini in Vegas while planning to totally bust any weight loss during the trip!

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  1. I was in LV last month for my annual foodie visit, and had dinner at both Le Cirque and Scarpetta. While Scarpetta was fine (did love the Stromboli in the bread basket and the foie gras and duck ravioli), it didn't hold a candle to Le Cirque where the food and service were exquisite. Also had a great dinner at Sage. When I return to LV, I will definitely return to Le Cirque and Sage; Scarpetta, not so much. BTW, I'm from NYC, and EMP is one of my favorite restaurants. Haven't been to Babbo.

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      ellenost, I read your posts extensively before planning our food itinerary to NYC last year. I wish I had had time to write a trip report. I was the most excited about EMP and the most disappointed. We went for lunch, perhaps that was the problem?
      Have you had any other more delicious Italian meals in Vegas?

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        Actually, EMP's lunch and dinner are the same (other than price), so you wouldn't have enjoyed it more at dinner (and would have been a few $ poorer). As you know from reading the Manhattan board, EMP is one of the most polarizing restaurants on the board. Other than EMP, I do hope my posts were somewhat helpful to you.

        I'm not a big fan of Italian food (so I do not select Italian restaurants when I travel), but have been a fan of Scott Conant since he opened L'Impero in NYC several years ago, and had long wanted to try Scarpetta. The funny thing was that Scarpetta LV was easier to get to since I was staying at the Bellagio than Scarpetta NYC which would take almost an hour from which to get home. My table was perfect to watch the Bellagio Fountains, and service was very friendly and attentive.

    2. sounds good to me, can I come with?

      Cannot go wrong with Scarpetta or Sage. You will definitely have enough time at Sage if you eat in the bar and tell them your time restrictions. I would suggest brunch elsewhere though on Sat. Border Grill is just meh in Santa Monica and even more meh in Las Vegas. Maybe Tableau, Country Club, or Verandah (not the buffet). I recently had a good brunch at Payard as well and you cannot forget about Mozen.

      1. If you want macarons, stop by the Bouchon Bakery counter in the Venetian.