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Apr 25, 2012 08:43 AM

Last meal in Tokyo. Sushi restaurant recommendations?

So far, I've only dined at Japanese contemporary and French restaurants during my stay in Tokyo. I want to try the best sushi Japan has to offer. So far, I've been scouring forums and blogs and it came down to:

Sushi Saito
Sushi Yoshitake

Has anyone ever been to all these or some of these places, and what would your recommendation be?

Originally, I had Jiro Sukiyabashi in mind, but after many negative reviews from Gaijins, (let alone being able to get a reservation) I decided against it. 32 000yen is a lot to spend for 30minutes and I can't help feeling that I'll just leave feeling hungry and ripped off.

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  1. To summerize in a few words, and to try to give the flavour the importance i remember,.. sushi Saitou, classic, best ikura ever, anago sawani in summer season (eal boiled in sake, then roasted) and served with sliced cocumber and sesame, tsumami are his strong point. Same for sushi Sawada-san also, but differently done, as he wants to point out the uni, the steak like maguro, and wants you to taste the fullness of each ingredient, like big pieces of awabi. Price is more expensive, at 35,000yens... Yoshitake-san buys his products independently from the fishery industry, and for a omakase at 21,000.yens (only one omakase), quality is high, types of tsumami are elaborated like the dipping sauce made from bone stock to highlight the white sashimi... for nigiris, also, there are significant differences between sushi-yasan, my preference is for Ono Jiro san, for its well done sequence, in a series of flavors clearly distincts; the rice is at temperature. Sawada-san nigiris are made from salt and vinegar, a course will take 2 hours. Yoshitake-san nigiris are made from red vinegar, and, if richer, it has to be better balanced, and it is more difficult to use red vinegar.. and the last one is unfortunately sushi Saito, more (too ?) classic with his blend.. I do like red vinegar, so my recommendation will be sushi Yoshitake.