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Apr 25, 2012 08:09 AM

Dinner for 15 (with kids) in Santa Monica?

I am an out-of-towner trying to plan a group dinner in Santa Monica in a few weeks -- 15 people, including young kids. A private room would be ideal, but price is a concern. Can anyone recommend a good spot for a group this size, with entrees less than $15? We're flexible on type of cuisine, and could travel outside of Santa Monica if necessary.

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    1. re: Servorg

      Good call. Highly doubt you'll find a private room for that price. Otherwise you are looking at chains like Cpk and bucco di beppo. You could also try c&o trattoria in the marina.

    2. Hey Hounds....
      What's the name of the Italian place at the Grove? (something like Magiano?) I think they have a number of spaces that might work, and I've read on these boards that it's a good place for families.
      Plus...the kids might enjoy walking around the Grove...checking out the fountain.....

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      1. re: perk

        The correct name is Maggiano's. The food fair and is served family style. They do have many private rooms on the second floor but I don't think you can do it for $15 a head. You might be better off to reserve the giant round table in the Pope's room at Buca di Beppo in Santa Monica for less money and about the same quality of chain Italian food. The food is much better at C&O in the Marina but that is still a little above your $15 a head (they also have a nice kid's menu) but no private rooms.

      2. Do the people in the group like seafood? How many kids out of the 15? Killer Shrimp in Marina Del Rey (very close to Santa Monica) has a decent menu ( even for those not seafood fans. Their signature dish (original shell-on shrimp with bread) is $15 exactly, and unfortunately many of the entrees are over $15.

        However, their kids menu dishes are all $6 or $7 at most, and they are all very good, especially the macaroni and cheese on the kids menu (not the Kraft stovetop kind). So depending on the make-up of the group, the average cost may be less than $15 if some of the entrees are kids meals. They do have private dining rooms.

        1. C&O Trattoria is in good location in Venice Beach, and meets your price requirements. I've always had a good time there, with kids. You can order 'large size' pastas to get more bang for your buck, and I'd bet a large spaghetti and meatballs would feed at least 4 -5 kids. For like $20...

          1. Louise's Trattoria

            Had dinner here last Sunday in their West LA location. 10 people. Fairly predictable menu, but great service and items for all folks. Not necessarily Hound-worthy. On Fri/Sat/Sun they have half-price bottles of wine.

            Louise's Trattoria
            1008 Montana Avenue
            Santa Monica, CA 90403