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Apr 25, 2012 08:04 AM

Ocean City, MD Anything worthwhile in the southern part of town?

My best friend and I enjoy an April girls' getaway in OCMD. However, this year, the condo, located at 120th, we've stayed at in the past has been recently sold and made unavailable. We found ourselves making last minute arrangements and ended up at a B&B on 5th St. It seems that everything down here is geared toward drunk college students, cheap boardwalk fare, or tourist traps. Is there anything we could walk to or at least not drive 100 blocks that will provide good food and a relaxing atmosphere. Or, just really good food even if it looks like a dive from the outside, but would be ok for a couple of middle aged ladies to get a great crab cake for lunch?

We'll be going this weekend. Sorry for the short notice, hoping I get some replies.
Oh, and if the answer is, "no, drive at least 80 blocks north." We'll understand and suck it up. :)

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  1. Shark is in the fishing district of OC on the bay side but definitely in the southern part of town. They have a great selection of fresh caught seafood and sustainably grown produce. A nice change from the fried fish shacks that dot the boardwalk area.

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      What do you know, that's where we went! It was pretty good. The drinks were out of this world, best we had all weekend. We shared the lobster and shrimp dip, which was rich and gooey just like we expected. My friend got the crab cakes, which she said were very good, but she was terribly disappointed at the boring and under seasoned squash on the side. The wild rice was just plain overcooked, and also under seasoned. (I tasted it myself, so I totally agreed with her) I got the pork belly and my only minor complaint would be that the grits were very course, and not creamy at all, but their flavor was very good. Otherwise, the pork belly was melt in my mouth perfect, and the braised arugula was different and flavorful. I got bread pudding for dessert with mixed berries. It was slightly dry to me, except for the very center. The atmosphere was loud and casual but, to be honest, we didn't feel relaxed. We felt like we had to eat and get out to make room for the next seating.

      We go for our girls' weekend every year, and we decided that Shark wasn't bad, but we'll go back to Liquid Assets next year. Hopefully we'll stay in a condo on the North side as well. I'm not really a B&B person, although it fit our needs and our budget and was very nice.