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Apr 25, 2012 07:54 AM

Low/No Iodine Diet

I was wondering if anyone else out there is cooking for a low or no iodine diet as a result of prepping for radioactive iodine therapy associated with thyroid cancer.

A friend of mine is undergoing this treatment, and I am helping out with her eating. The no-eat list includes: all dairy, all soy (except oil and lecitin), anything from the ocean (fish, seaweed, sea salt), egg yolks, any processed food with salt (because it does not identify iodized or not), and of course, iodized salt.

So far I have been focusing on getting her homemade bread and some good savories (oven dried tomatoes, pesto, etc) and I did one angel food cake.

Is anyone else dealing with this? What are you cooking? What are you missing?

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  1. the Thyroid Cancer Survivors' Association offers a free cookbook with tons of low-iodine recipes. you can download it from their website:

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      Thanks -- I have been using that alot. I actually just hosted a Mexican fiesta for her -- made corn and flour tortillas from scratch (and fried some of the corn ones up for chips), homemade tamales, lots of grilled and shredded meat, guac and salsa, and a angel food cake with vegan lime curd layers and a coconut (unsweetened and then added sugar) boiled icing -- the icing was a little soft, but everything was delicious!

    2. The chocolate-zucchini bread on the THYCA site is good. If you can get no-salt peanut butter, she can scoop a little out and mix in as much salt as she wants at a time. My friend used coconut milk in her coffee and made a mock frosting with powdered sugar and coconut milk.

      I made her black beans (from dried) and corn soup, chicken meatballs with organic chicken that I ground myself, and roasted red peppers that she could put on a salad or in a sandwich. Make chicken stock for soups. I made my own bread for crumbs; she found a source for loaves.

      Sounds like you've got a handle on it!