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Apr 25, 2012 07:29 AM

Ethnic ingredients for idiots in Atlanta (near Perimeter mall)

I have been experimenting with various dishes from different ethnicities (Mexican, Chinese, Japanese, Indian) but I'm having trouble finding some ingredients such as:

Dark soy sauce
Pot sticker wrappers
Goya Discos (for empanadas)

I'd also prefer a better selection for things like miso, vinegars and oils.

I've checked:

Cost Plus World Market
Whole Foods

Which has worked so far but still come up short in some things.

Can anyone provide me some ideas? Is there a good market where I can stock up?

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  1. Your best bet will be either Buford Highway at one of the many markets there or YDFM (Your Dekalb Farmers Market) on Ponce near Decatur. Hope those aren't too far for you.

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    1. re: samlev

      I used to live in Norcross so I'm familiar with Buford Highway but I've never explored it much.

      YDFM was mentioned by somone in the office as well though so that's now on the list.

      Thank you!

    2. Buford Hwy Farmers Market is closest to Perimeter. Just take 285 To Buford hwy exit,
      take a left and it will be immediately on your left.

      1. Super H-mart is probably closest to you and should have everything on that list. It's over by i-285 and PIB. Just a little further is Buford Highway Farmers Market on Buford Highway, just outside the perimeter. It will have a larger selection.

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        1. re: redbeanbun

          Although Super H is a good store, I would disagree regarding the larger selection. The ingredient list includes Asian ingredients as well as the Goya Discos. Although I haven't looked for them specifically, Buford Hwy Farmer's market has a much large selection of Hispanic ingredients (Does Super H even have anything mexican?). Heck, they are making fresh tortillas as you watch! If the original poster is looking for a single stop, I would head there to Buford Hwy Farmer's Market.

          IMO, if you are looking for something Korean, definitely head to Super H. If you are looking for something Vietnamese, go to Hong Kong Supermarket on Jimmy Carter. If you are looking for a little bit of everything everything ethnic, then head to Buford Hwy Farmer's Market.

          1. re: larkemon

            pardon my bad grammar then. yes, i mean that Buford Highway Farmer's Mkt has a larger selection than H-mart.

            1. re: larkemon

              Many thanks to both of you! I need to check both places out. Sure, I'd love it to be one stop, but I'm only experimenting so two stops is fine. One must have "something" to do on the weekend.

          2. Many thanks!

            Gosh, I've been looking for stuff for so I can't decide what to cook first!

            1st world problems. I know. LOL!