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Apr 25, 2012 06:36 AM

Genuine Cassata Siciliana In the UK?

Where in the London and South Home Counties Area is there either a restaurant where I can eat this delicious dessert or a deli where I can buy one? It must be made in Sicily. I have just returned from Sicily where I ate it for the very first time. When I ordered it I expected to get an ice cream with bits of glace fruit in it. Instead, I got a cake to die for. It is a round cake with sloping sides enclosing ricotta with chocolate chips and lemon soaked in liqueur with green and white stripes of marzipan on the outside and icing, finally the glace fruits of sicily in gorgeous colours are arranged in interesting shapes and patterns on the top. Yummy! It can be ordered direct from Italy on the internet (34 euros for 1kg of cake including shipping), but it would be cheaper and simpler to buy it here ....

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  1. It would be Sicilian made but you can ask the owner of Italia Uno on Charlotte St (nice little Italian sandwich shop) if his pastry guy does them. The pastries and cakes that they usually have around at Italia Uno are quite high quality given the fact they're in the fridge for a while before they're eaten and the cannoli get a bit soggy as a result. All of his pastries are made by a Sicilian guy in North London out of his house so it's quite likely that you'd be able to order one specially.

    Otherwise I can recommend you a very good cassata maker in Palermo, but I don't know if they do mail order.

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      Thanks very much for that information JFores. Yes I would like the name of the cassata maker in Palermo please, as even if he does not do mail order I can go there next time I go to Sicily. I will also make a visit to Italia Uno on Charlotte Street.

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        The owner's name is Felice. Just ask him about the pastries he gets and see if the guy could do cassata. This is a bit of a gamble, but Italia Uno has good sandwiches so it won't be a total loss if he says no.

        I'll dig up the card from the place I go to in Ballaro when I get home.