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Apr 25, 2012 04:31 AM

10 days of lunches and best "foodie places" this days

Hello :-) Coming back to the city in mid August, have made several "foodie centered" visits
in the past, the last was 3-4 years ago.
Will go over archive to do some "catch up", i'm looking mainly for exceptional lunches, regardless of cuisine. EMP is on the list for lunch tasting menu and i guess that this is the pricing limit i would like to stay at (no Per Se at 300$ although very tempting). What other special places should i mark and read about ? Not only "fancier" but also excellent food of all kitchen types that you always "starve" for at lunch but not always have the time to "invest in" :-) Also on the "Sushi front", exceptional lunche tasting possibilities?
Apart from that, in the chocolate and ice cream categories, anything that i should consider apart from my old time favourites like Kee chocolates on Thompson and il laboratorio del gelato, my 2 all time best in the city ? Something new that i missed from last couple of years?

And last question on the foodie speciality stores/markets etc - i will visit again Kalustyns (still "a bit too expensive"?) and some other places, but what are the really best big foodie heavens today in Manhattan/Long Island/New Jersey that worth the "special" travel?
Thanks a lot in advance :-)

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  1. Consider for your lunches Del Posto and Jean Georges.

    I know 15 East and Sushi Yasuda have prix fixe lunches.

    I assume you've already done Grom and L'Arte de Gelato? Newcomers to the gelato scene include Amorino, La Cremeria, Stellina.

    For ice cream (not gelato), try Van Leeuwen for artisanal ice cream, or Big Gay Ice Cream for something more downscale (I like the American Globs).

    I think Kee's is still the best now that Bespoke has closed. I think stores specializing in macarons, cupcakes, gelato have all had more openings than chocolate, overall.

    Best gourmet stores:

    My favorites are:
    Russ & Daughters
    Eataly -- some like Di Palo more, but Eataly is more convenient for me
    Chelsea Market
    Epicure Boulud -- especially for picnic fare
    Union Square Greenmarket -- though this will be more produce/meats/eggs but will be really bountiful in August

    1. For lunch, check out Chef Daniel Humm's "The NoMad" -

      Foodie specialty stores/markets: I went to Foragers City Grocer (Chelsea location) for the first time this past weekend and was very impressed:

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        By August, the menu will change. Menupages does not always keep current. Here's NoMad's website:

      2. Exceptional lunches: La Grenouille, NoMad, The Modern Dining Room, Tocqueville, Cafe Boulud. For Italian, Ai Fiori, Manzo, Lincoln, Ciano. If you like Indian cuisine, Junoon.

        Ice Cream: Cones, on Bleecker St.

        For food markets/specialty stores on LI, post on the NY State board. For NJ, post on that board.

        1. I agree with NoMad, Del Posto, The Modern, and Jean Georges. I'd also add Marea and Le Bernardin -- both have pretty good lunch deals.

          1. Thanks for the great suggestions, i will check them. JG had lunch in the past, lovely place and for the lunch price it was quite a bargain.

            Grom and Arte de Gelato tried, didn't like them but will give another try this time. Van L. sounds interesting.. Cones tried in the past, their Zabiglione was great, other flavors did not match but weren't bad at all.. Amazing to hear that Kee is still "the place", altough quality and creativity wise, it was great from the start. I tried other places in the past like Torres (was great for bars), Voges (interesting bars but very expensive), Marie Belle (didn't like) and some more.. But Kee was the top and good to know that level is still good there.

            Brenardin is great suggestion that i didn't try yet, all other names seem interesting also, and will start reading about them and checking the menus... Thanks a lot for the info !