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Apr 25, 2012 01:37 AM

Raku Grill- $100-10 course Kaiseki vs $125 Omakase

My Gf and I want to experience the best that Raku has to offer, while we appreciate freshness we are not big fans of raw protein, but like I said if its very fresh and tasty then we wont mind.

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  1. My friends and I did the 10 course with a couple of supplements and we were stuffed. In hindsight we didn't need to order extra but we drank a lot of beer and sake that impaired our judgement. Raku was very accommodating so if you ask them I'm sure they'll swap out any raw protein dish. We actually only received one raw fish dish out of the 10 so maybe you'll be ok with that.

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    1. re: shake N baik

      Would I be able to request/substitute a dish when doing the kaiseki? we really want to try the salmon rice dish Called "Kama mashi".

      Also does anybody know how many courses there are in the $125 omakase?

      1. re: lechonbaboy

        We did the 10 course in February along with the unreal sake tasting. We too ordered other things...which they happily obliged. They seated us in a private room with our own waitress and it was one of the most incredible meals of my entire life. I can't wait to go back in a couple of months and try it again. WONDERFUL!

        1. re: lechonbaboy

          When you say "kama mashi", I think you mean "kamameshi", which isn't a single dish--it's a category of dishes, individual pots of rice with a variety of ingredients added during cooking. (See this page for examples: ) Having said that, I did see a Yelp poster say that Raku has an off-menu salmon kamameshi. I don't know about making requests there--it would be best to call them directly and ask.

          1. re: fogeylv

            Thank you that's a lot of help, will definitely call and ask.