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Apr 24, 2012 07:38 PM

downtownish amazingness! culture shock?

We will be in the downtown area and then will be making our way home to hollywood area after. We are looking for an amazing dining experience, preferably with a bit of culture shock. We are completely open- could be asian, mexican, etc- and any pricepoint- we just want amazing food and a great experience.

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  1. How about Kagaya? There's nothing like that in Hollywood.

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    1. re: lil mikey

      Not sure what kind of culture shock OP is looking for but Kagaya is an excellent rec. I'd add Spice Table.

    2. The best pastrami on earth at Langer's deli. Open till 4pm and closed Sundays. The best sandwich in Los Angeles period. A taste of Heaven between two slices of rye. For the culture shock you could have pastrami on white with mayo....

      1. Culture shock? How about the roasted half pig's head at Gorbals?

        1. Just go to Grand Central Market and you'll get downtown amazing! culture shock

          1. Wine and cheese at Mignon, dinner at Rivera, after dinner drinks at Villians Tavern, late night coffee and dessert at CoffeeBar on Spring.

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              Definitely dinner at Rivera.