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Apr 24, 2012 07:17 PM

restaurant near the marriott courtyard lake union

My husband has a business trip to Seattle and this will be his first visit. I have promised to find him some great restaurants within walking distance of his hotel.
He appreciates innovative cuisine and the atmosphere for him is always key to a great dining experience...he likes cool more than stuffy.
So, looking for new american,italian, asian fusion with entrees under $30.
thanks in advance

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  1. It's a long walk or short taxi ride to the Fremont neighborhood.
    Try Revel for really good Korean-French flavors.
    Or Book Bindery.

    Also, he might want to rent a bicycle. There are so many good places within a short bike ride.

    1. Re:public is surely the best restaurant within a half-mile of that Marriott. (PNW/new american)
      Cuoco is the only Italian worth mentioning close by, though the Brave Horse Tavern directly upstairs is much more to my liking.

      Revel and Book Bindery are great recommendations, though not really what most North Americans would consider walking distance.

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      1. re: terrier

        Thank you, Public looks perfect. Out of curiosity how long a walk would it be to the others you mentioned?

        1. re: trishottawa

          2 miles one way, give or take. But you can take a bus most of the way.

          1. re: trishottawa

            Cuoco & Brave Horse are about a block from Re:public - google maps says 0.6 miles walking distance from the Marriott Courtyard Lake Union.

            Book Bindery is about 1.7 miles, Revel is 2 miles.

        2. Around a mile South is Barolo. It's Italian with a cool atmosphere.

          1. Re:Public and Brave Horse are good suggestions. Serious Pie (pizza, not mincemeat) is also relatively close. Lunchbox Laboratory is about a 15-minute walk, but the burgers are fun (and huge). I would recommend against visiting the along the lake.

            There's also a streetcar that runs from Lake Union to downtown along Westlake Avenue. It provides access to the aforementioned Barolo as well as Farestart and the various Tom Douglas places in Belltown.

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            1. re: lavaca

              Public was a great success so many thanks.
              Now round two!
              Dinner tonight can be anywhere but I know he would want to be somewhere downtown and somewhere with a great vibe. He will probably be dining alone. Is there anything that he would walk away from and think "that was so Seattle"
              By the way he is loving your city...says it is beautiful!

              1. re: trishottawa

                Matt's in the Market would be a good choice. He could sit at the bar and look over the market.

                1. re: Lauren

                  The bar at Matt's in the Market would be a great choice - so would the counters at Sitka & Spruce, Seatown, or Lecosho, depending on what's convenient and available.

                2. re: trishottawa

                  He might enjoy The Pink Door in the Market's Post Alley. Not really original or the BEST Italian in town, but the atmosphere is fabulous. Might not be warm enough - but sitting on the deck, looking out over the market to Puget Sound is a great experience. Their antipasto platter is quite good.

                  A note; in Seattle tonight - Thursday, April 26th is Dine Out For Life; a city-wide fundraiser for an Aids relief organization. It is VERY popular.

                  Anywhere he goes, he might want to make a reservation. Depending on crowd aversion; you/he might look at the list of participants and either reserve at one who is participating, or on-purpose go somewhere that is not!


                  1. re: gingershelley

                    thanks, I will check out these suggestions. Yesterday our city, Ottawa, had the same type of restaurant fundraiser. This will be interesting for my husband who is actually a fundraiser himself!

                  2. re: trishottawa

                    Bisato, about a mile from the hotel. I left hungry but I didn't want to spend much money that night. It's sleek, cool little plates.