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Apr 24, 2012 05:58 PM

Some restaurants for Parisss !!

greetings from Mexico

I have a small travel agency in Riviera Maya and I have a family going to Paris in July

Thay are very well travelled people and they like good things...

I want to recommend some restaurant for them and I need again your valuable help...

I need an amazing restaurant ( tip top..) I heard about Le Cinq... LE MEurice.. LÄstrance but i want to hear from parisian people from these top level places.

For another day i need something wiht nice views.. or something to make it unforgettable ...but also upscale .... since they are celebrating her daughter bithday ( she becomes 15...)

To finish a good parisian bistro and i have heards about Les Papilles... it is a must...

Thanks again as suusla for your help

Best regards from Mexico


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  1. For the combination of the best view with food, you have to tell your familiy to go to "La Cloche d'Argent".


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    1. re: Maximilien

      Was it not recommended in Anthony Bourdain's "No Preservation" ?

      1. re: Parigi

        Oï !!!

        too early ... not enough coffee!!!

        it's "La Tour d'Argent"

      2. for the quincinera (sp?) i second Tour d'argent. Totally old world, fancy, fantastic view. its the restaurant that the cartoon film Ratatouille uses.
        but, you know even though the food is not as good, the location will be talked about for years and thats The Jules Verne on the eiffel tower.
        The lunch rates are the same for both restos--about 90 euro before wine
        dinner is more expensive at Jules Verne.

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          As a poor student in Paris in the 70s, eating mostly at the Restos U (university restaurants for 2.20 francs per meal), I dreamed of going to the Tour d'Argent and having the famous duck..

          Many years later, on vacation from a full time job as an attorney, I finally got to go to the Tour. Even then, dinner was too expensive. I went with my companion for lunch. It cost around what a Broadway musical box seat would have cost, and lasted longer.

          It was pure theater. Not just the view, but also the raised platform with the two giant duck presses and the maitre d'y acting like a great conductor. Our selection of a modest wine, probably the cheapest on the menu, was nonetheless treated warmly.

          Entrées, side dishes, and desserts were excellent. The duck was just very good. (I've had better duck prepared by a Czech chef in Seattle.) But that was of little consequence. The experience was wonderful, romantic, and unforgettable.