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Moving to Claremont

Hey LA-area 'hounds, I'm moving from Northampton, MA to Claremont this summer. I'm hoping for some help regarding what Claremont has to offer for the resident, not just in terms of restaurants (plenty of threads on that) but more for grocery stores and cafes.

1. I see that there is a Trader Joes -- where do you go for your organic produce? (TJ's is great for many thing but in my mind produce isn't one of them).
2. Who has the best espresso?
3. What cafe is best for taking a book and studying? (Hopefully same as #2)
4. Where are the nearest Mexican and Asian markets?
5. Any good specialty shops I should be aware of? From other threads, I'm aware there is a great cheesemonger.
6. Best bar for beer?
7. Lastly, as a Californian who has lived out of state for 6 years and dearly misses good and cheap Mexican food, what's the best taco in Claremont?

Big thanks in advance!

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  1. Number 6 if you like Belgian beers there is the Back Abbey gastropub.

    I can't help with much else. Claremont is way East of my jurisdiction.

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    1. re: burntwater

      I love Belgians and the Moinette photo on their front page is a good omen. Thanks!

      1. re: fame da lupo

        Second Back Abbey for beer, though we haven't had much luck with the food. Stick with one of their yummy soft pretzels and head elsewhere for dinner (IMO).

        1. re: running pig

          First report: Back Abbey is legit. The burger I had was phenomenal. The fries had great texture and the beignet dessert was just the right savory-sweet balance. I was impressed.

          1. re: fame da lupo

            Good to hear that you enjoyed it, welcome to Claremont!

    2. Hi there! From one college town to another ey? We were just in Northhamption and Claremont is a mini version... this will be a very soft landing for you! Good luck with the move! Here's some answers to your questions...

      1) Organic is good... Local is even better! Claremont has great farmers market on Sunday. Also in nearby Pomona, there is Cal Poly Farm store where you can get local meat and lots of specialty produce.

      2) The BEST BEST, go to Upland's Klatch Coffee. Seriously one of the best coffee shops in So Cal period. It's also a nice comfy enviroment to study.

      3) Claremont is a friendly city with lots of out door spaces. So there are TONS of places to go sit down with a book, a ball of yarn or just to daydream. For a little snack, the Le Pain Quotidien in the village square is nice to eat out during the cooler months, eat in for those times it gets pretty steamy in Claremont.

      4) For all of your ethnic needs, you got Super King. My parents live in Diamond Bar and ADORE Super King. For bulk items, there is also Winco in Pomona.

      5) Along with the awesome Cheesecave, they also have a couple of great wine merchants and a tea shop I love, Bamboo Teas

      6) I like Back Abbey. Eureka Burger always has interesting rotating selections. I've also heard great things about Union on Yale.

      7) Claremont is not really a Mexican hole in the wall town... but nearby Pomona is. They even have an Albertos... & honestly, you can be a So Cal College student without experiencing Carne Asada Fries...



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        I can't really improve much on Dommy's suggestions, but I'll try to chip in a few extra thoughts:

        2&3) Three or four days a week, the best coffeehouse in Claremont proper is The Motley, at Scripps College. The other three or four days, it's not. It's vastly more friendly and charming than your local StarBean, has tasty munchies and Klatch roasts(!) at good prices, but the skills of the student baristas range from excellent to ...well ... enthusiastic. Given all that, it's still a good place to read and sip and unwind. Non-students are very welcome, though I'd gently suggest that if you're a male over, say, 25, you might not want to come alone if you don't want to look like a desperado. Just saying.

        6) Back Abbey is best for Belgian ales, Eureka is tops for West Coast microbrews. I like both, with the choice depending on mood, food, and weather ... somehow Belgians are better on wet winter nights (i.e. Belgian weather ... a Rochefort 10 or a St. Bernardus Abt are like a dinner in a bottle) but the Californians are better in the sun. Also, the folks at the original Eureka in Redlands are pretty close with the craft brewers at Hangar 24 out there, so whenever those guys release a new limited edition brew, Eureka is a good place to find it. (I've had the Vinaceous and Hammerhead there recently).

        7) Agree that Pomona is the place to go; if you find yourself near Holt & White, try Tijuana's Tacos for first-rate tacos, huaraches, mulitas, alambres, etc. at student-friendly prices. With the free bean stew and grilled veggies with every order, you can thoroughly food-coma yourself for well under $10/person.

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          I went to Super King but they didn't appear to sell fish sauce, kaffir lime leaves, Thai basil etc. Any rec's on a decent Asian market?

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            Just in case you wish to venture into wine, fdl, you'll find Pacific Wine Merchants and Liquorama (both Upland) and Packing House Wine Merchants (Claremont) solid choices. The selection at PWM, in particular, is broad in inventory and price, and the sales team is informative and low pressure. I'm not much into brew, but I spotted a nice ancillary selection there.

            1. re: Dornfelder

              Honestly we're mostly Vinho Verde and Lambrusco people, but on the occasion that I whip out the pasta machine I'll be looking out for a good Italian red. Thanks!

              1. re: fame da lupo

                That's when you'll want some +1s for quality, well-priced Chiantis and Nero d'Avolas at Pacific Wine Merchants. Sorry I'm drifting off into the wine world, but I'm happy to pass along some recommendations your way. Just ask, fdl. (By the way, I too really enjoy Vinho Verde.)

                As you've no doubt read here on the CH LA boards, the San Gabriel Valley has a wealth of Asian markets and dining spots.

                Just noticed that the OP doesn't yet have a car, but I'll suggest that he/she carpools with a friend and heads into northern Orange County -- specifically, the Fullerton/northern Buena Park area. Fellow Hounder TonyC gives a +1 to visiting the Han Nam Market in BP as a fine way to get to be better acquainted with Korean fare.

                Finally, I'll +2 regarding attran's recommendation of Claro's, specifically the deli sandwiches. A three-salami sub with provolone -- custom made, of course -- is hard to beat.

            2. re: fame da lupo

              Interesting... I would think any market you could get fish sauce now...

              Anyway, for a pure Asian market, there is Hoa Binh in Pomona.... a tad sketcy... but it works in a pinch. There is also a VERY nice 99 Ranch in Chino Hills.


          2. Check out Los Jarritos II in nearby Pomona just south on Gary from Foothill for inexpensive Mexican.

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              If Los Jarritos II is that little stand on the corner of the parking lot where M&I Surplus store is, YES!

            2. 1. I'm not a big organic guy, but the people I know who are buy through co-op deals. There's also Sprouts.

              2. Dommy is right, while not in Claremont, if you don't mind driving a bit Klatch definitely has the best espresso in the area. But in the village, I probably like Pain Quotidien the best.

              4. In Claremont, again with Dommy, Super King. But if you head out a bit you can do better. Like Marukai in West Covina. And there are nearby markets in Pomona where you can get fresh tortillas.

              5. The Cheese Cave is IMO the best cheese shop in LA county. Marnie and Lyddie are great. You mention beer in other questions. The best beer store nearby is Liquorama in Upland, lots of Belgian ales, domestic microbrews, etc.

              6. Back Abbey and Eureka (again like Dommy says).

              7. I really like the fish tacos at Senor Baja, althought it's slightly west of Claremont on Foothill.

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              1. re: Robert Thornton

                I would just like to second what Robert says about the Cheese Cave. I try to eat vegan but I make exceptions for some of the delicious things in that singularly wonderful shop. Be sure to try the balsamic vinegar they sell there. Divine!

                The Back Abbey is a lovely place, but do also try the Union on Yale. It's run by the same people and menu is outstanding. They have one of only six pizza ovens in the country that make real honest-to-goodness Italian pizza like I had when I was in Naples.

              2. Within a 5 mile radius from Pomona to Ontario, there are countless Cardenas markets along with a couple Superior markets. The closest Asian market would be in Pomona, a Vietnamese market but the place is awful and the smell is a major distraction. I suggest heading to Diamond Bar for Super H or a little bit closer is 99 Ranch in Chino Hills, both very clean.

                There is a place in La Verne called Corner Butcher which has a great selection of homemade sausages and whatever meat you want from choice to prime steaks.

                Also worth noting, there is a place call Salpicon in Ontario off the 60fwy and Euclid which makes amazing El Salvadorean food. Easily the best pupusa in the IE that I have tried.

                Another gem not to be missed in Claremont on Baseline is Pixie donuts which makes great donuts. It looks like any other donut but my friend gets her haircut in Claremont and her hair dresser told us about this place.

                If you like cupcakes, there is a place called My Delight Cupcakery which makes amazing cupcakes. Chicken and waffle cupcake alone is worth the short drive.

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                1. re: A5 KOBE

                  Pixie donuts are really good. Note that it's a stand, not a sitdown place. And they close when they run out of donuts, so it's a morning place.

                2. We moved out of the area recently, but here's some help for you and a list of some of our faves:
                  1. Sprouts and the farmer's market are really your best options for organic produce.
                  2. Coffee Klatch really is that great.
                  3. Coffee Klatch, again. If the weather's great, I would hit up the Cheese Cave for a sandwich and go out to one of the park areas in the Village to study.
                  4. There are Mexican and Asian markets in Pomona...but I would probably travel to Diamond Bar or Rowland Heights for Asian. There is a Ranch 99 and a Korean market in Rancho...but it's a bit further away from where you are in Claremont.
                  5. The Cheese Cave is a must.
                  6. The Back Abbey is the best spot for beer and food. I've heard good things about it's sister restaurant Union on Yale, but I've not been so I can't offer advice.
                  7. I'm not a huge taco eater, but I can recommend Juanita's (Pomona, Upland, Ontario) for burritos and nachos. They make their tortillas fresh and it feels like someone's grandma made it.
                  8. Extras....for pizza, San Biagio and Petrilli's in Upland are excellent (but I love San Biagio), Handel's offers the best ice cream in the area (Upland and Rancho), Bert & Rocky's (Claremont) offers some off the wall ice cream flavors, Darvish (Claremont) makes some really great Persian kebabs (lunch special pricing is amazing), breakfast at Kick Back Jack by BC Cafe (Rancho and Claremont) can't be missed because of their blueberry pancakes that taste like flattened blueberry muffins, Claro's Italian Market (Upland) offers some great Italian meats and treats, Old World Deli (Upland) makes some amazing broasted chicken, Pho Mai (Upland) and Pho Ha (Rancho) are great options for Vietnamese, Dragon Inn (Rancho) makes some decent Chinese (but it won't wow you like the stuff you'll find in San Gabriel or OC), good sushi can be found at Kazama (Claremont) and Sho (Upland), and the cupcakes at My Delight in Ontario are really that good...you must go.
                  Welcome to the area...I hope this list gives you a good CH start.

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                  1. re: attran99

                    Forgot to include Donut Man in Glendora...most amazing doughnuts in the world. And you'll be arriving in enough time to enjoy the Strawberry donuts and the Peach donuts. It's a drive up down the 210 freeway, but totally worth it.

                    1. re: attran99

                      I really don't understand why so many people seem to be enthralled with Donut Man. Tried their strawberry donut, nothing more than a glazed donut with some strawberries and strawberry pie "gel". I also tried their buttermilk donut and it was dry and crumbly. This donut shop is not worth a trip out of your way, and certainly not worth exiting the freeway for.

                      1. re: ChinoWayne

                        Me too. I only liked the tiger tail and that was just because it was huge. Pixie makes a much better donut, the cake ones especially.

                        1. re: ChinoWayne

                          I agree, the strawberry donut is overrated, and the basic cake donuts are nothing special either. The three things to get are:

                          1) The crullers, especially the maple ones. Like eating sugar-frosted air.
                          2) The tiger tail
                          3) The apple fritter, but never alone (seriously, it's huge), and only before 9am

                          1. re: ChinoWayne

                            I am not a huge fan of their strawberry of peach donuts (although everyone else seems to love them whenever I take them with me), but I love their bavarian creams, twists and tiger tails.

                          2. re: attran99

                            The donuts at Miss Donut in La Verne at Bonita and D St. used to be pretty good, and a bit closer to Claremont. Also Some Crust Bakery on Yale had great croissant...I speak in past tense only because it's been a few years since I was a local in that area.

                        2. 2. Second, third, Klatch.
                          6. Eureka's burger menu is a farce, beer menu is fine.

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                          1. re: TonyC

                            > Eureka's burger menu is a farce, beer menu is fine.

                            Odd, I've had better luck with their burgers than with Back Abbey's recently. It's their salads that are hit-or-miss, IMO. Oh, and the rib chips. Great idea (porky version of Buffalo wings!), questionable execution.

                          2. Tropical Mexico for margaritas and great chile rellenos on East End in south part of Pomona...place has been there forever and a favorite haunt for those of us at Cal Poly in the early 80's and we were late to the game. Menu has definitely expanded and the place is not the tiny little place in the photo anymore, but I've been back a few times since then and basic good Mexican food, still family owned/run.. BF loved the machaca tacos. Whole fried fish and shrimp cocktail, ceviche. Ask for the hot salsa that the cooks keep in back for themselves...good stuff!


                            1. To everyone up-thread, I wanted to pass along my thanks. I was afraid that somehow I'd move back to CA and end up in a Mex food desert, guess I'll have to get a car so I can pillage the taquerias in Pomona.

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                              1. re: fame da lupo

                                The good news is Pomona is right next door to Claremont - they are almost two parts of the same city, although Claremont residents would be horrified if you suggested that. Juanita's is just a couple of miles down the street from the Claremont Village, and Cardenas Market is a little further down at Holt. Cardenas has a decent burrito shop inside the market too...If you are adventurous you could take a bus from the village and be there in a few minutes. A car would be a good idea though.

                              2. I grew up in Claremont and have lived in LA pretty much the rest of my life.

                                When I was a boy, Wolf's Market on Foothill Blvd. was one of the last, independent, family-run grocery stores. At some point, due to market pressures and the high income level of the neighborhood, they transformed themselves into an independent, family-run, high-end grocery store, known for very high quality meat, wine, cheese, produce, etc. My buddy's Christmas prime rib MUST come from there every year, because they actually sell restaurant grade Prime beef.

                                I'm not sure Wolf's Market fits specifically into any one of your 7 categories, but anyone serious about food living in Claremont must check it out.

                                Welcome to the 'Mont!

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                                1. re: EarlyBird

                                  A fond memory. Now I am in Texas but my college and grad school time there bring back great memories. I search the web for the old haunts and usually one up dry. What was that neat old deli in Pomona?

                                2. I raised a family in Claremont.

                                  1. I see that there is a Trader Joes -- where do you go for your organic produce? (TJ's is great for many thing but in my mind produce isn't one of them).

                                  The Sunday farmer's market. 2nd choice would be sprouts; 3rd would be Wolf's.

                                  2. Who has the best espresso?

                                  no help there

                                  3. What cafe is best for taking a book and studying? (Hopefully same as #2)

                                  Claremont has many many places good for studying, all over the village.

                                  4. Where are the nearest Mexican and Asian markets?


                                  5. Any good specialty shops I should be aware of? From other threads, I'm aware there is a great cheesemonger.

                                  Do go to Wolf's Market on Foothill.
                                  Claro's Italian Market is at 16th (Baseline) and Mountain in neighboring Upland. Best Italian sausage.

                                  6. Best bar for beer?

                                  no help there, either

                                  7. Lastly, as a Californian who has lived out of state for 6 years and dearly misses good and cheap Mexican food, what's the best taco in Claremont?

                                  I'd say Juanita's on Indian Hill ~~ Claremont-adjacent.

                                  ** don't miss Walter's in the Village
                                  *** Don't miss breakfast at BC Cafe. Really. Awesome pancakes, and I don't even like pancakes that much. Their skillets etc. are excellent.

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                                  1. re: laliz

                                    Am I'm missing something about Walters? I've been several times, ordered a variety of dishes and each time was 'meh'. Yet, I was there last weekend and it was MOBBED while I went to Union on Yale and walked right in. Plus, the atmosphere was so much better at Union.

                                    While overall, I think Union could work a little more to punch up some of the flavor of their dishes (Things were left a bit 'too' natural tasting, for example, the Corned Beef needed more spice to tone down the overwhelming beefy flavor of the brisket), I found my items SO much more enjoyable than anything I've ever had at Walters...


                                    1. re: Dommy

                                      I like the food at Walter's quite a bit. But what I like more is the dining experience. I love Walter's on a warm-to-hot afternoon, sitting on the outside covered patio in the shade with a salad and some wine and just being there. Of course, I remember when Walter's was just a coffee shop, complete with red naugahyde booths, and so the whole place brings back pleasant memories.

                                      1. re: EarlyBird

                                        I think Walter's is fine. Nice atmosphere. Food OK but not exciting. Good breakfast. But it's expensive for what it is, the sort of place to take job candidates or for visiting parents to take their college student kids. But I find it staid and again expensive for what it is. I've eaten there a bunch, but never because I was picking.

                                        1. re: Robert Thornton

                                          I hope this isn't rude, but Walter's is a place my parents LOVE to visit when they are in town and I "don't mind" going along. As Robert mentioned, it isn't exciting but its certainly enjoyable. The patio is comfortable and amenable for conversation. Portions are generous. However, when its just my partner and I, we never chose Walter's.

                                          1. re: Robert Thornton

                                            I would agree nothing on the menu to me is a "must have" though I do like their Afghan fries (i.e., battered and deep fried potato slices) with chutney. I would also agree that it is expensive for what you get. To me it's about good memories and sitting out on the patio and people watching and so on.

                                            1. re: EarlyBird

                                              Agreed....very nice patio. Will have to give those fries a try...thanks!

                                              1. re: running pig

                                                Maybe we should suggest a slogan for the restaurant: "Walter's: Come for the fries, stay for the patio."

                                    2. I grew up in Claremont and still go back to visit my parents.

                                      Here are my thoughts:
                                      1. Definitely the famer's market, but Sprouts for an everyday place

                                      2. My dad roasts his own coffee beans, so that's what I have.
                                      3. As many others have said anywhere in the colleges or the village. There are also a million parks that are always nice

                                      4. My mom goes to an Indian one somewhere around there. Or is that not what you are looking for?

                                      5. I really like A Klein Chocolatier in the Village. Some Crust has great cookies (and other baked treats). I'm sure some will disagree, but I love 42nd Street Bagel. I also second the person who said ice cream at Bert & Rockies. There is also a place with Kombucha and lots of gluten-free stuff on Indian Hill in the Village (can't recall the name)

                                      6. I like Back Abbey for the Beer. The Press has run of the mill beer (but I love their chili).

                                      7. As a CHS grad I have to point you in the direction of Patty's on Towne & Foothill, right by the Shell station. They make the tortillas when you order and I could drink gallons of their hot sauce.....and now their bean and cheese burrito is all I can think about.....

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                                      1. re: moyzington

                                        Yes, 42nd Street is definitely the best bagels in the area (not that that's saying much!).

                                        1. re: moyzington

                                          Personally, I find the ice cream and Bert & Rockies to be so-so. They offer many flavor choices (and some are interesting) but the flavors themselves are weak.

                                          1. re: moyzington

                                            Nice to know about Patty's. I still go out to the 'Mont quite a bit and have to check it out.

                                            1. re: moyzington

                                              I finally made it to Patty's this past Friday. The Mexican food was good. Solid, real Mexican. But those home made tortillas, boy they really made the meal! Thanks for the recommendation.

                                            2. I would also check out Some Crust, which is a better-than-average bakery. On the weekends they sell a divine pecan roll. And they also usually make some yummy vegan cookies and muffins...and bread. They have great bread!

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                                              1. re: VeganIndianHousewife

                                                Some Crust is pretty amazing. They custom made a key lime pie-inspired cake for my husband's birthday. It was pretty amazing.

                                              2. Where do people go for coffee in the village? I haven't seen any cafes with a decent machine (Marzocco, Synesso etc).

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                                                  1. re: EarlyBird

                                                    There is a decent Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf on Indian Hill at the village.

                                                    1. re: ChinoWayne

                                                      No offense, but this confirms my suspicion that coffee culture just hasn't bloomed yet in Southern California. Damn warm weather... but this could be an instance of "if you build it, they will come". I have a feeling that a college town would support a cafe that pulls a proper espresso.

                                                      1. re: fame da lupo

                                                        Ack! Scratch those two above suggestions.... Have you made it out Klatch yet?


                                                        1. re: Dommy

                                                          Not yet, we're still car-less (East Coasters behind the times). Is their shop in Upland a proper cafe or just their roastery?

                                                          1. re: fame da lupo

                                                            It is a proper, nice and comfy cafe... It's a nice place to suggest to study with a friend with a car! ;)



                                                            1. re: Dommy

                                                              Went to their Upland location and it is just a roastery (on W 11th St). I think you're thinking of the Rancho Cucamonga location, which is another 5 miles down on Foothill. I'm unfortunately equidistant between the San Dimas and Rancho C. locations! Le sigh.

                                                              1. re: fame da lupo

                                                                Yeah, I would be thinking of their Rancho location... I would think there would be a bus that goes straight down foothill though...


                                                                1. re: Dommy

                                                                  We got a car now! :-) I'll get over there eventually.

                                                        2. re: fame da lupo

                                                          See my post above re: Motley coffehouse (9th and Columbia, roughly). Again, barista competence is a bit of a coin flip, but they serve Klatch roasts with good munchies and atmosphere.

                                                          1. re: Bradbury

                                                            Motley to my surprise has a Marzocco machine and as you mentioned enthusiastic staff. My capp was decent and while not sporting a microfoam it also wasn't one of those pillowy (bad) foams that average cafes spoon over their espresso. The capp came in a coffee mug, which was cute if unconventional. So I'd rate it a 7/10 which in this town is superior and I'll be coming back.

                                                          2. re: fame da lupo

                                                            Right....there is not a decent place in the Village for coffee. Unfortunately, this is accurate. Strange given the number of colleges.

                                                      2. re: fame da lupo

                                                        I will report that Some Crust does a decent pour-over, which doesn't fill the place in my heart reserved for "real" coffee (espresso) but is better than nothing.

                                                        1. re: fame da lupo

                                                          Try Dripp in Chino Hills, just down the 71. They have phenomenal espresso. Also,the Nordstrom Espresso Bar in the Montclair mall has a La Marzocco machine.

                                                      3. A follow-up post to give a little back:

                                                        Back Abbey. Favorite spot I've visited in the area by far.
                                                        Klatch (San Dimas). Great coffee, though ambiance like a Starbucks.
                                                        Far East Gourmet. Chinese in La Verne, great dry pot, lamb with cumin, dumplings.
                                                        Los Jarritos (Garey location). Cheap, nice red enchilada, chile relleno.
                                                        Senor Baja. Good fish tacos, though not superlative.
                                                        Some Crust. Egg sliders are pretty tasty.
                                                        Taco Factory. Mainly I get the al pastor burrito (very good) and the sopes (good), the tacos aren't fantastic and the people are very nice.

                                                        Taste of Asia. Thai, La Verne -- decent curries and noodles, but the flavors are a little muted. Nice room.
                                                        Hayato. Japanese, the udon were a little rubbery, the sushi OK but not impressive. Nice service and room.
                                                        Heroes. OK food, but what's with those prices? Like it mostly for the ambiance.
                                                        Press. Bleh food, again for the ambiance.
                                                        Crepes de Paris (down from Eureka Burger). I like savory crepes, which they make well but the dough is too sweet. Would benefit from serving buckwheat crepes (galettes).

                                                        Union on Yale. I confess to having spent a couple years in Italy, so I'm critical of pizzerie. I just don't think they use quality products, the tomato sauce is over heavy, though the oven and dough are legit. Really disappointing, because they have the infrastructure but are let down by their bad product and odd ingredient combinations. The brunch menu is good, food tasty, but portions are super small. Like the patio, don't like much anything else here.
                                                        Viva Madrid. I confess to having lived in Madrid, but even so the food is really unimpressive. The room is like a kitsch museum, so if you go there just to sip a wine and chat, I suppose it isn't all bad.
                                                        King Kong Sushi. Terribly rolled sushi. Nightmare place, unless you like sake bombs @ happy hour.
                                                        Full of Life. Don't like the people, prices, or their coffee. And a cafe that doesn't have a bathroom is unbelievable. Why bother.
                                                        Last Drop. Terrible coffee, though nice staff.
                                                        Village Diner. Pales in comparison with other diners of my past. Food like a hospital cafeteria.

                                                        1. I can't figure out how to thread my reply, but attran mentioned 3 Juanita's (Pomona, Upland, Ontario) but they are all by different owners. , but connected some way.The Upland one purchased recipes from the Pomona one. I like the bean tostada there a lot. The Ontario one makes their own flour tortillas for the burritos. Great. None have the tacqueria style taco iirc, only hard shell.

                                                          1. The best taco in Claremont is in Pomona. Lily's Tacos was my go-to spot when I lived up the street.


                                                            The Chile Verde plate is worthing giving at least a month of your life for.

                                                            Has anyone mentioned Sanam Luang Thai on Indian Hill below the 10? The Duck Curry is quite tasty as are any of the soups.

                                                            However, I do hope you've revised whatever set of assumptions that lead you to make this statement:

                                                            "No offense, but this confirms my suspicion that coffee culture just hasn't bloomed yet in Southern California."

                                                            Uh. Rent a zipcar and get yourself out of the 909 to Handsome Coffee in the Arts District or Jones Coffee in Pasadena. Of course, there are the imports from out of town--Intelligentsia, Stumptown, or Blue Bottle if you must settle. But come on, dude. You're making yourself look bad here.

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                                                            1. re: SecretAsianMan

                                                              You're right. While Claremont is a coffee-desert, I stupidly generalized to all of SoCal. Klatch, Augie's (Redlands), and a variety of places in LA are doing great espresso/roasting. I suppose I was disappointed that a bougie town like Claremont wouldn't have an equally pretentious coffee bar serving top-level coffee.

                                                            2. This is really random, but, how would you compare your experiences living in both Northampton and Claremont? I have interviews coming up in both locations and would love to hear your perspective!


                                                              1. Hey Fama...just wanted to mention that my friends and I tried out "The Junction" last week and really enjoyed it. Three of the four of us ordered soy meat items; the fourth got "real meat." Korean fusion food with just the right amount of kick. I loved the soy beef and soy chicken tacos...I'll be back.