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Apr 24, 2012 05:05 PM

Kosher Russian in NY?

Are there any good kosher Russian restaurants in the NY area? (incl. Queens and Brooklyn)

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  1. the closest youll get are prob the bukharian ones in queens

    1. Tam Tov in midtown in more Bukharan (I think) but good, if not fancy.

      1. There is restuarant named Svetsarah (sp?) located in the old Dougie's space on Main Street in KGH. I've never been but the menu looks interesting.

        1. There is a good Bukharian restaurant called Asia in Boro Park (I think it's on New Utrecht Ave?). It's a real Russian restaurant complete with loud music (mix of club music and Russian songs), dancing, and a cheesy emcee. Food is served in abundance, family style at the table.

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            I found this clip of Asia on youtube:

            It looks just cheesy enough to be really interesting. Has anyone been recently that could give us a full review?

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              Is Asia in Boro Park glatt kosher?

              1. re: seikoloco

                saw their menu on line and it says Glatt Kosher