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May 9, 2003 10:42 AM

mariscos near the Mexico border

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Sometime in the last three months, the San Diego Reader's Tin Fork column featured a mariscos stand that, as I remember it, was supposed to be fabulous and located near one of the two borders crossings (on the US side).

Does anybody remember the name, location, etc. And is the food as good as the review claimed? In other words, is it worth a trip from Hillcrest?


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  1. The Reader has most of it's reviews on-line. You can check out their web site and see if it's there. They have their reviews cross-referrenced so that you can search by restaurant name, type of food, or area. Their listing of Baja restaurants is substantial.

    If you can't find it in the reviews section, if memory serves, there is (or at least there used to be) a link that allows you to contact either of the Reader's restaurant reviewers. If the link is still there, you can always contact the guy that does the Tin Fork column and see if you can get the info from him.

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      I picked up an address on a recent post for 'best seafood cocteles' in Chula Vista at:

      1177 Broadway
      Chula Vista, 91911

    2. i may be way late on this, but i love this place and want to share it with everyone. It was there last time i went (less than 6 months ago). they say they are there everyday, from 9 - 6. Its a mariscos truck at bayer and the 905. Take the 5, go west on the 905, off at bayer and turn south on bayer. You pass under the freeway and it'll be on your right in a liquor store parking lot. Great fish tacos, cockteles and ceviche. I've posted about this before but no one seems to take my advice...

      1. El Negro Durazo - now has about 5 outlets. I've been to 3 of them - the big one on the way to the aiport is a fave - if you don't like hecka loud banda music, take your earplugs. But that's half the fun. They supposedly have an outlet on Los Heroes or in the Comercial Mexicana shopping center - I haven't been to that one, though.

        I like shrimp cocktail, coctel de mariscos, chile relleno (con camaron), sopa de albondigas (again, de camaron), filete de pescado, cooked the way you like, etc, etc.