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Apr 24, 2012 03:30 PM

need suggestions for where to eat and what to do this weekend


My sister (in her 40's) and I (in my 30's) are visitng Seattle this weekend for a MUCH needed vacation away from our families in Portland. We are tired mamas who haven't gotten the priviledge of spending time away from our husbands and kids in too long and are so excited for our trip. We are staying for three nights at the Hotel Max. We would love to eat yummy food, sip delicious drinks, take long walks, and check out cool neighborhoods. Can you recommend anything for us? We would rather not spend a fortune and aren't super fancy people, however we would love to check out some hip places that will be a treat to check out without children in tow. She is not a vegetarian, but I am. Here are some neighborhoods, I think we'll enjoy...

-Capitol Hill
-Green Lake

It's been suggested that we check out the Olympic Sculpture Garden and we will probably visit the Market.

If you're familiar with Portland, we love the neighborhoods - Mississippi, Hawthorne, Belmont, Alberta, Mt Tabor, and Montavilla and we love restaurants like Por Que No, Apizza Scholls, Sweet Hereafter, food carts, and Saphire Hotel.

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide!

P.S. We love margaritas! A good, strong, regular margarita!

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  1. There are Sunday Markets in both Ballard and Fremont. In Ballard it's more of a Farmer's Market where Fremont it's a hybrid, both produce and crafts (like the Saturday Market in PDX).

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      There is also one in Capitol HIll at Broadway and Pine -- about a 15 minute walk from the Max, also would give the opportunity to check out Melrose Market (Melrose Ave between Pike and Pine).

      From your descriptions, Capitol Hill (esp Pike/Pine corridor), Ballard and Fremont would definitely meet your needs. CapHill has the highest restaurant and bar concentration, and also perhaps best Vegetarian selections, and is also within walking distance from your hotel. Maybe take a look at Plum for good Vegan food.

      Also near your hotel are a couple of good choices Serious Pie and Palace Kitchen (yes, both Tom Douglas) which are good and fun places, but both get very crowded and don't take reservations.

    2. Ballard is kind of a happening place nowadays. I can recommend Senor Moose for very good regional Mexican food, Paraati for cocktails and good Brazilian food, the Golden Beetle for North African/Mediterranean. Everyone raves about Delancey for pizza (I'm dairy intolerant, so I haven't tried it) There are two excellent bakeries in Ballard, Honore and Cafe Besalu. (Honore is close to Delancey)

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        La Isla, a Puerto Rican spot, might be my favorite not super popular spot around Ballard, highly underrated. Good, unique food, decent cocktails and a great aged rum selection. Although, don't go on a date unless you want each other to smell like garlic for the rest of the day.

      2. I'd consider Via Tribunali in Capitol Hill. The pizza is traditional Neopolitan style and is the best in the city, IMO. It's a fun place, if a little dark, right in the heart of the Capitol Hill Nightlife, where it's a short walk to Barrio or Poquitos for a pre- or post-dinner margarita. The food at the two Mexican restaurants isn't my favorite, but they should be able to give you a good drink.

        Presse is also a really fun spot. It's casual, but they have great traditional french table wine (by the carafe) and great bistro fare... also in Capitol Hill.

        For a little bit more of a metropolitan feel, you could hit up Happy Hour at RN 74 downtown, or if the weather is nice, the patio at Pink Door in the market. I also think you might enjoy something like Wild Ginger. It's right downtown and is a bit of a Seattle fixture, if perhaps a bit touristy.

        I'd also highly encourage you to stroll through the market. There are lots of great snack spots and it's a free way to get a feel for Seattle. Stop by Beecher's for some Mac and Cheese and head to the Tasting Room to sample some Washington wines.

        1. You ladies might also consider hopping on a ferry, perhaps to Bainbridge Island, and have dinner at Hitchcock or Marche. The ride over is nice. You could eat early and watch sunset on the way back, or eat late and catch sunset on the way over. A nice very Seattle activity....

          Do walk the sculpture park, and you could head down to the Resto just South at the bottom of the park, Aqua by El Goucho for a nice drink with a terrific view. Their terrace on the water can't be beat. Food overpriced and not so great, but nice spot for a cocktail!