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Apr 24, 2012 03:14 PM

Vegan-friendly Mexican in Houston?

I have a friend visiting Houston who is a vegan and would like to go out for a great Tex-Mex dinner with a group of non-vegans. Any recommendations?

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  1. There's Radical Eats, which is vegan Mexican food (I think it's more Mex-Mex than Tex-Mex). I haven't been, but it's received several rave reviews (from non-vegans).

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      Totally agree, Radical Eats is your best option.

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        There's a "Vegan Mexican" restaurant in this town?

        Man, I LOVE living in Houston.

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          + 3 for Radical Eats, but 'best option?' - it's the only one, isn't it?

          She's a fantastic cook. There's a menu on the website but I think what she actually serves may vary by what ingredients are available. http://radicaleats.com/

          Pictures below of a mushroom enchilada which had at least 2 kinds of mushrooms and the enchilada gravy was a mole based on cashews. Also had a spinach enchilada with avocado based mole. Those were both awesome. But I had a nacatamale I picked up at the Urban Harvest Farmers Mkt on Eastside one Saturday which had a couple of kinds of mushrooms, a couple of kinds of peppers, capers, tomatoes and some other things but was a little weird since it seemed to have mustard in the masa so not everything I've had was to my liking but that's to be expected.

          Only the most close-minded diner is going to miss the meat, cheese and lard, though.

      2. We actually ended up going to Chuys, which has a big vegetarian menu, and they happily made the veggie enchiladas without cheese (which my friend loved). Good to know all of their rice and beans are vegetarian too, even the charro. Thanks for the suggestion of Radical Eats - we'll check it out next time!