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Apr 24, 2012 02:50 PM

Sur la table multi clad?

Anybody have these pots? Like/dislike? Trying to choose between all clad and the sur la table set. Any suggestions/opinions?

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  1. The Sur La Table multi-clad line is very high quality but the pans are rather heavy, especially compared to All Clad. Some older cooks and women may not like the heft, thus try them out first.

    1. Make sure your hand feels good around the handle. It's one characteristic people tend to overlook when purchasing pots/pans.
      My All-Clad handles don't get hot which is another thing to think about.

      1. I looked at it when I was looking for one. I ended up going with the 12 quart Cuisinart multi pot instead.

        1. I've got 'em. I have two straight sided skillets, they call them saute pans. I love them and have no complaints but then I do not own any All Clad so I can't compare. Both were purchased on sale and with a coupon from taking a class.