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Apr 24, 2012 02:48 PM

5 qt le creuset casserole

Anybody ever really use this large of a dish? Is it better than 3.5?

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  1. Since Le Creuset makes cookware from different materials, would you please specify which piece you are asking about? A 5 qt enameled cast iron Dutch oven is one of my go-to pieces and I now cook for just the two of us. I have accumulated pieces over the years - everything from a very small round casserole dish to the 15.5 qt goose pot, all in enameled cast iron. I use three sizes day in and day out - the 3.5, the 5 and 7 qt.

    I cannot answer your question "is it better than 3.5?" because I don't know you or your cooking style. For me, 3.5 simply is not large enough to do all the things I need it to do.

    1. Hi, Philliesfan91:

      IMO, this is the best, most versatile pan LC ever made for home cooking.


      1. I have one of those. And, for me, it's a matter of simple math. You can cook smaller portions in a large casserole, but you can't cook large portions in a too small casserole. Use if all the time, for many sized dishes.

        1. My 5 qt. #28 Le Creuset is a kitchen staple for me. I actually ask a friend/family member for their favorite kitchen color and purchase one for birthdays and special occasions. I could be one friend, on their own, or an entire's a pan that's a go-to for all of them.
          After selling an entire line of LC years ago for $50 at an estate sale when moving, I knew I had to purchase this incredibly versatile pan again and it's been with me a long, long time.
          There is nothing quite so beautiful when doing a stovetop to tabletop casual dinner.