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Apr 24, 2012 02:04 PM

Markets & Street Fairs

Planning out my itinerary for an upcoming trip and have a few of the above mentioned places as possible things to do/places to eat. Which of these are skippable or underwelming on their own or compared to some others. Have I left any off worth checking out?


Union Sq Green Market
Hester Street Fair
Smogasburg (I know its outer boroughs, but please cut me some slack)

Do the 8th Ave Festival or Steinway Street Festival offer anything food or non-food related, worth making the trip for?

Thanks in advance,

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  1. The Greenmarket is more about ingredient shopping than prepared foods. There are some, but not the kind you'll see at, say, Smorgasburg.

    1. I always see a lot of tourists (including local ones) snapping photos at the Union Square market. I suppose if one wants pictures of apples and broccoli rabe alongside plump lilies, it's worth the visit, but as kathryn says, the green market is a place to get ingredients more than to sample them. The Hester Street Fair, however, is a great place to sample foods, much more so than Smorgasburg which I found disappointing.

      1. For both shopping and prepared food consider also the New Amsterdam Market, on Sundays down near the South Street Seaport.

        Dave Cook

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        1. The Green Market has some prepared and ready to eat foods like apple cider, fruits, pretzels, cheeses and baked goods/bread but I don't think you can make a full meal out of it. Biggest section is on Fridays and Saturdays.

          I know these aren't outdoors but Chelsea Market and Eataly are worth checking out for the food and atmosphere.