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Apr 24, 2012 01:47 PM

Finally - a Middle Eastern Bakery in Charlotte!

I was ecstatic to read Tricia Childress' article in Creative Loafing today announcing the topning of the Golden Bakery on N. Sharon Amity near the Halal Market. Having lived in Charlotte for going on 20 years, it has always saddened me that the nearest decent pita bread was in Atlanta. I only recently discovered a baker in Raleigh - but now I don't have to drive to get bread and manakish!

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  1. Saw that myself and had similar thoughts frankly.

    1. Thanks for posting I never would have seen that article without your post.

      1. My SO and I made a trip over to Golden Bakery yesterday. We both had the manakish (what we know as khubz bil zaatar) and the meat pies. The zaatar was so good and we are very excited to be able to get this locally! Ww also bought two packets of pita (wheat and white) and we have that tonight with our kabobs.

        We have been hoping for years that a bakery would open here and I hope folks will do their part and buy their breads and desserts!

        1. Yes, thanks for the info. Waited a long time for this.

          1. Which Raleigh baker are you referring to? Would love to give them a whirl! Thanks!

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              Probably Neomonde, they've been the go-to pita bakery in NC for as long as I can remember. They also have a full restaurant (and multiple locations now I think).

              1. re: billyjack

                Oh yes! I'm a huge fan of Neomonde. I was just wondering if there was another gem I hadn't discovered. Thank you!

                1. re: Tehama

                  Please let us know if you find another! I'm in Charlotte but travel to Raleigh occasionally.

                  1. re: billyjack

                    Neomonde also has a very nice sit-down restaurant in downtown Raleigh now called Sitti. Same excellent food, gorgeous space and there's alcohol available.

              2. re: Tehama

                Actually, I was referring to Jerusalem Bakery. It is across Western Blvd near NCSU.