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Apr 24, 2012 12:16 PM

Boro Park restaurants open late?

I'm flying in from Los Angeles in a few weeks and won't get to my hotel in Boro Park till about ten pm. Does anyone know if there are any restaurants on13th ave that are open late? It will be too late for a heavy meal, but even a slice of pizza will do. Thanks for any info!

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  1. I cannot be sure but I believe there is a good chance Amnons pizza will still be open.

    1. Yes, at 10 most restaurants on 13th Ave will still be open. If your plane is delayed and you get in after 11, there are still places that are open very late (for instance VIP Grill and Subsational).

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        Thank you both! I really wasn't welcoming the idea of carrying extra food on the plane so we can eat that night!

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          I don't know whether it's still relevant to you, but I am now in Borough Park and checked with these two establishments. Subsational (between 40th and 41st) is open until midnight, and VIP Grill (between 37th and 38th) is open until 2 am.

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            Definitelybstill relevant! Thank you for the info. Do happen to know what they serve at these places? subsational sounds like a sandwich place. Anything vegetarian there? Also, are they on 13th Ave?

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              Both are on 13th Ave. Both are meat places, but you should be able to find something you can eat there.

              Here's Subsational's menu:

              And here's VIP's:

              But if you get in on time, at 10, most places will still be open.