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Apr 24, 2012 11:55 AM

First time to Fig---what to order?

Hi Chowhounds!

My partner and I are going to take advantage of the Fig Happy Hour this Friday. One of us is vegetarian, the other is not. Any suggestions?


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  1. Short Rib and Pancetta Meatloaf. So good. And don't forget their Bacon Wrapped Bacon. For the vegetarian I like both their Red Beet Risotto & the Pastaless Lasagna.

    1. Their tongue is very good.

      1. onion soup, young beets, foie liver parfait, apple/butter lettuce salad, brussel sprouts, cherrystone clams.

        if they have it, the ridiculously good pork schnitzel.

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          I had the scallops, that although good, the dish was too small for the full price (I went @ 5pm, when they have 50%off most of their menu... and the scallops looked like they were cut in half...the Nutella tart was sooo good
          here are my pictures if you want to see what we ordered:

        2. I like the mussels, the pastaless lasagna and the tongue.

          1. for the vegetarian:
            cheese flight (imho, the best in town--on any given day they have about 25 different cheeses to select from)
            the hand=kneaded mozzarella with pesto
            be sure to get their complementary hot-from-the-oven bread to accompany the cheeses.
            the vegetable curry (which, unlike the curry in so many other places, actually has the vegetables cooked so that each retains it's own texture and flavor)

            from the wine list:
            the honig sauvignon blanc pairs well with all of the above choices.