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Apr 24, 2012 11:41 AM


I've recently become obsessed with tortas (the Mexican sandwich), after having what might have been the best sandwiches of any kind I've ever had at XOCO (Rick Bayless's casual torta and caldo place in Chicago). Rick's pork and habanero torta and his shrimp torta were just outrageously good - Mexican ingredients and spices pressed inside of perfectly crisp-yet-chewy bread, with plenty of bold flavors and moisture. I'm now ordering them whenever they appear on a menu.

Problem is, most of the tortas I've had in Colorado are pretty lousy - the bun is just a puffy white bread roll with barely any flavor and no crunchy crust and the fillings are meager, dry and/or just not very interesting flavors. The one I had at Comida Cafe last week was particularly poor, given how good their tacos are: a very small amount of reheated skirt steak with a sprinkle of dry cheese and some onions, dwarfed by a giant, very dry white roll that wasn't at all crusty on the outside. Not even a sauce to liven it up.

So, this is all a long way of saying... where are the best tortas in Boulder/Denver? The only one I've had here so far that made the grade was at Centro, but there must be others (hopefully available from less-expensive and more takeout-friendly places).

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  1. The best one I have had is at the food truck in Leadville, across from the Safeway. Seriously delicious, abundant fillings, and cheap.

    1. I think pupusas has tortas and also Ricardo's stand at the gas station just east of 47th on the
      diagonal. His tacos are my favorite.

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        The tortas at Pupusas (in Boulder) are terrible. Supermarket hamburger rolls with a small amount of dry fillings. That was actually the first torta I tried, and it turned me off of tortas until I tried the ones in Chicago.

      2. LurkerDan is 100% correct. The hands down best tortas in Colorado (and almost anywhere I've tried) are from the Roach Coach across from the Safeway in Hwy 24 in Leadville. She never disappoints.

        That being said, Los Carboncitos on 6th and Sheridan as well as 38th and Pecos offer the best I've found in the metro region. Good luck ~ a good torta is magic.

        1. pretty good ones at las tortugas on alameda and .....i want to say probably tejon? they also have fresh juices that they make to order. u can get tons of different combinations and they are not measly portions. i like em anyway. next time im in leadville i will have to try that food truck. but for now i think the ones at tortugas are pretty darn good.

          1. i think all they do at tortugas is tortas so thats a good thing too. do one thing, do it right.

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              Cookinitup: From the looks of things we have similar tastes! I'll definitely be giving Las Tortugas a try.

              1. re: cookinitup

                A second vote for Las Tortugas. Seriously good. May not be up to Rick Bayless standards, but very good.