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Apr 24, 2012 11:32 AM

Where to Breakfast on a Saturday-Yonge/Bloor

Fellow CHers,

I need to plan a few breakfasts in the environs of Yonge Street central. Looking for a good patisserie, or even a consistent downtown Toronto breakfast place-but, having never stayed in this part of the city, I don't know where to bring my early morning belly!

Open before 10 am
Consistent, good breakfast

I'm good for Yorkville, Church, Cabbagetown places, I'd rather be close by. Staying at the Delta Chelsea for a conference (meh meh meh) but wanting to take advantage of eating. Too bad DB bistro isn't open yet!

Meals for 2 days will be expensed at a moderate rate, so I'm open to trying new things! The night before, will try to catch a meal at either Guu or somewhere with soft-shell crab-Malena, or Scarpetta.


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  1. A few in the rosedale area (<5 min north on yonge): Patachou, Rebel House, Le Petit Gourmet & Cafe Doria.
    All have good food and are veryy good places to relax at.

    1. Lola's Kitchen, Pusateri's for a coffee + pastry, Whole Foods Cafe on street level, or the hot brunch buffet from the WF Salad Bar. Maybe Flo's Diner- haven't been in years, but I'd guess it's still ok. Avenue Diner on Davenport just west of Avenue is another option.

      Petit Thuet in Rosedale/Summerhill and Petit Thuet on King would be roughly the same distance from the Delta Chelsea.

      Second Patachou, but I think it would take most people closer to 10 minutes to walk from Bloor to Summerhill.

      Maybe the Bar Centrale at the Summerhill Terroni.

      Might also consider Le Petit Dejeuner, Patrician Grill and the Senator Diner. Not near Yonge + Bloor, but within a 20-25 minute walk of your hotel.

      1. I second all suggestions, so much so, I might even do them this weekend... particularly Patachou. I'm neutral about the fare at Lettieri in Yorkville (cafe stuff), but you can't beat the vibe there early in the morning. You can watch the city come alive on the patio... I still miss Bemelmans... my all-time fave for brunch and eggs benedict - either in the morning or late at night.

        1. Thanks for the suggestions! I did some rooting around for opening times, since "breakfast" (aka not brunch) is the objective. Here they are to help future planning...
          Saturday Breakfast begins...
          Patachou-8 :30 am.
          Le Petit Gourmet-7:30 am
          Caffe Doria-8 am
          Rebel House-10:30 am
          Lola's-10 am
          Fire on the East Side-10 am
          Yorkville grab-and-go suggestions including Whole Foods, Lettieri, and Pusateri's are also helpful-probably will be the way to go Sunday morning when we're in a hurry for breakfast, with time to eat a proper lunch/brunch at 1:30 pm! Thanks!

          1. Lola's kitchen for brunch, so good!