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Authentic SF Group Dinner - Financial Dist or North Beach?

A large group of co-workers (10) and I will be dining in SF next week. We're all in town just that one night, at Le Meridien on Battery at the north end of Embarcadero Ctr. Walking distance if possible. The price point should $$-$$$. I'd like the place to be authentic SF, doesn't need to be a current foodie destination and touristy is fine. Any cuisine...

Suggestions? Thanks in advance.

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  1. I think Original Joe's would be a good choice--definitely need reservations!

    1. This is a hard one, as you are (I am assuming) coming in from NYC, and the great restaurants the board speaks about that are around the FiDi are "new Italian" (a term I'm making up) which I assume NYC can hold its own,:
      - Perbacco
      - Cotogna

      - Gitane. I think is a good example of the cuisine, with an interesting Spanish/Portuguese wine list. Didn't blow me away, but a fun cool design and good food.

      Maybe Amber India? Though Indian can not be group appealing, and again there may be good high-end Indian restaurants available in NYC

      I can't think of a quintessential Californian restaurant, that can host a group, that's in that area...

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        Some of us are from Atlanta, fwiw. Last time we were there we ate at B44, Spanish/tapas on Belden Lane. I was considering Perbacco but it seems they can't accommodate us that night. Thanks.

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              Cotogna's nearby and great. Might be too late but Tuesday's a relatively slow night.

              Alfred's, old-school SF steakhouse.

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          One Market is Californian and usually good for groups. It's a 5-10 minute walk from Le Meridien.

        2. Second the rec for Gitane & also try Slanted Door. Haven't been, but read here Z&Y (sichuan) is good.


          1. Can't get much more "authentic San Francisco" than Sam's Grill -- unlike Tadich, they take reservations.

            1. Capp's Corner, 3/4 mile.
              Kinda like Momma Leone's without the big hunk of cheese on the table .

              1. US Restaurant is authentic SF but probably more so in the old location. The new current location however is nicer but still friendly. Still the food is good and there should be plenty of room for 10.

                You could also try R&G Lounge (upstairs), very good Cantonese food. Nice environment and business friendly. Lots and lots of business dinners upstairs. I'd also call R&G authentic since Cantonese have been here as long as Italians.

                Both are 4-8 blocks from the hotel.

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                  I am going to venture that the OP didn't mean by "authentic sf" the "oldest in SF." U.S. Restaurant, Original Joe's, are for sure, the type of old school Italian restaurants that one can find easily in New York, Chicago, or really, any major city.

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                    Original Joe's has some local dishes that aren't common elsewhere.