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Apr 24, 2012 09:26 AM

Mozaic in Sarasota

Im thinking of taking my daughter here for her birthday. Good idea? What dishes are good? Anything bad? Tx.

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  1. Mozaic is excellent. The cuisine is essentially sophisticated Moroccan-French and whenever I go – the last time was about a week ago -- I study the menu online before arriving so that I can look up a few of the Moroccan dishes that I’m not familiar with. No worries if you don’t do that as the servers know the menu intimately. Wine only but has a very good “Wine Spectator” endorsed wine list. As a “cocktail” we ordered a sparkling (Champagne-style) wine from New Mexico that we didn’t know at all and it was surprisingly good. Nice atmosphere, nice welcome, you feel good being there. Be sure to specify that you want a table downstairs as that’s where you want to be.

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        Also if you don't like certain foods let them know. We went and the amuse bush (sp) was lox. I hate fish so I was offered a different option. Then we noticed they started telling people and others opted for the other item. Desserts are a must.