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Apr 24, 2012 08:45 AM

One night in Milan near Centrale

We are arriving fairly late from Los Angeles and leaving next morning by train for Lake Maggiore. Looking for great food close to the train station- a decent walk or short taxi for dinner and a place to get a great sandwich for the train ride the next day.

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  1. Please,please, Does no one have any ideas.

    1. For dinner, Joia. It's vegetarian plus some fish, and I put off trying it for years until once when we were looking for a nice place walking distance from the station. We thought it was a truly great restaurant by any standard. Reserve. I don't know about the sandwich (Peck is the classic but more near the Duomo), though I think I remember a number of interesting-looking bars. I remember once having had to cancel our beautiful restaurant reservation in Torino because of train delays and we dined on sandwiches from a vending machine in Milano Centrale, then being restored. Now you may find something good in the station itself.

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        actually I'm in the same situation, and was planning on posting a similar query--we have one night in Milan (our last of the trip) and are staying right near the station as well. So other suggestions are encouraged (vegetarian doesn't really do it for us...)