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Apr 24, 2012 07:15 AM

Group Dining in Sydney

Coming for a meeting in October, and need a place for about 30 people. The meeting planners tend to select touristy places that have a nice view (often rotating) but bad food. Any suggestions for somewhere nice that has great food? We are staying at the intercontinental, but can arrange transportation for a short journey. We are coming from the states, but our guests will be from all around Australia.
Havent been to Syndey in 10+ years, so looking forward to it! Many thanks in advance!

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  1. There is Etch in the bottom of the Intercontinental, it's part of the Becasse group. There is also an OK steak place around the corner that deals well with large groups, and a good Japanese around the corner near the Sofitel.

    You are very close to Rockpool Bar and Grill (and Spice Temple downstairs, but might be risky given the group makeup) - Rockpool has some larger rooms upstairs which could handle your group.

    Then you have the cluster of places in and around the Rocks, where you start to get some views - Customs House does a lot of corporate stuff, but in general you pay for the view.

    If you are railroaded into a view plus hotel type experience, the Shangri La is fine.

    I think your main problem is the size, its a tough ask for most good restaurants to deal with this number at once.

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      Thanks for thIs. At Customs House, assume you mean Cafe Sydney, top floor? That looks perfect- bit os Sydney culture with nice view. I assume the food is good or you would not have mentioned here.

      We have two smaller dinners, so Spice temple may work for that. Any other recommendations in the Rocks? There is so much there, hard to navigate what's good and can handle a large group.

      Many thanks!

      1. re: bluedog67

        Re the rocks. I have had a reasonable group meal at Sake as they have private rooms but they may struggle with 30. Rockpool Restaurant has a private room upstairs, again I had good private dinner there but can't recall numbers but it is a good size. Quay does private dinners - I think the top of their " rotunda" can be booked. My private meal thee took the ehole place a few years ago. Most other big places in throcks can do parties because they specialise in parties - which puts me off.

        Cafe Sydney in the customs house is OK, the food is OK, it is very Sydney and popuar as a semi casual pace for office parties and more budget concious hospitality. It can get loud!

        Rockpool B&G do have a lot of private rooms but they may be too isolated and not feel very much part of the restaurant. But they will do a good job.

        Another route to try is the Merrivale group, I used Bistro CBD once for approx 30 and they did a great job with mod oz food - it was casual and relaxed. They have a central booking line for all their restaurants (Felix, Mad Cow, Est, etc) and my wife would often consult them for the events she was organizing for her boss (Private Equiity so they liked their foiod).

    2. I was just in Sydney. Two places worth checking into with good food: Pony Restaurant on the Rocks. My daughter (a foodie--age 23) lives there, had eaten there, and took us back. Looks like they do group functions. Also check out Four In Hand Restaurant in Paddington--about 12 minutes from the CBD. They do functions and have a private dining. This is perhaps my favorite restaurant in Sydney, in a tiny botique hotel in a residential neighborhood of terrace houses. . Lots of atmosphere. Lastly, don't know if they do big groups, but Bistro Moncur in Woollahra about 15 minutes from the CBD is really really really good.