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Apr 24, 2012 07:02 AM

Egyptian: Belady Bread and Koshery

Hi...I am new to Chowhound but I was wondering if anyone can help me find Egyptian Belady Bread within the New York City / outer borough areas...I am not looking for Pita Bread - Belady Bread is thin Pita bread but friends from Egypt bring it from me when they come visit but I was wondering if I can find it here in the New York City area...are there any bakeries that have this or any authentic Egyptian Restaurants...I am also looking for a place that serves Koshery, which is a plate of starch / comfort food, it has lentils, rice and macaroni in it with delicious if you any of you know of both of these food items that would be great ...Thanks again!

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  1. Koshery rocks. Great Cairo street food. You can find it at Mr. Felafel on Seventh Ave. in Park Slope.

    1. Pulpio is right: Mr. Falafel has good koshery.

      I don't know this Belady bread, but I'd try Bay Ridge. There are Middle Eastern bakeries and food stores representing half a dozen countries.

      1. Always heard Kebab Cafe had Koshery but can't confirm it myself. Steinway's Little Egypt might be a good resource for your bread search. Happy hunting.

        1. Thanks for responding to my post! All are great suggestions but I did a little further research on the kind of bread I am looking for and, the real name of it is called aish baladi bread and it is made of whole wheat and the skin of the wheat, looks like pita, but is thinner maybe someone has an idea where I can find it? Thanks chow hounds,

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            Eish baladi, from what I can tell, is wholewheat pita. It is Levantine style, but I get my pita from Damascus bakery. They also have thinner breads like markouk and lavash.

          2. There are many, many groceries and bakeries along Steinway Street, in the long blocks below Astoria Blvd. called Little Egypt that Mr. Porkchop mentioned. The people who work there are generally very friendly and have always been willing to help me find any unusual ingredients or foodstuffs I'm looking for.

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              About a year ago an Egyptian cabbie told me that the best koshary in town was at Big Arc in the East Village. Looks like it's a Wednesday night special:


              Still haven't tried it, but it's on my list. (I'm never in the area on Wednesday nights.)