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Apr 24, 2012 05:58 AM

Special occasion restaurant in or near Birmingham?

Wondering if you chowhounds can help me with my first post.

It's my father's 60th later this year, and we're going to be staying just outside Birmingham - likely to the west between Hagley and the city centre.

I'm looking for options for dinner on a Saturday night. Somewhere suitable special, but not too 'out there' in terms of food. I've checked out the few Michelin options in Birmingham itself, and they all seem a bit too experimental for my father's tastes. Preference would be for British, Indian, or Thai food. No major restrictions on budget, and happy to travel as long as taxis will be an option.

Any and all recommendations greatly received!

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  1. Welcome to the board.

    When you refer to Hagley, am I right in thinking you mean Hagley Road? If so, then I'm surprised you've discounted Michelin starred Simpsons on Highfield Road (walking distance from many of the Hagley Road hotels). I've just checked the menu and it seems reasonably traditional in its style and not at all experimental.

    For Indian, have you looked at Lasan? Certainly I'd think it suitably special occasion although it may not suit your father if he is more used to the traditional British "any protein with any sauce" type of curry house.

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      Thanks Harters. I just rechecked Simpsons' menus, and I fear it's still a little fussy for my fathers' tastes. Worth the challenge though!

      Lasan, however, looks spot on - just the sort of thing I was looking for. Thanks for the tip.

      Any other good ideas out there?