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Apr 24, 2012 05:28 AM

Fiamma, Valentino, Onda or Spago?

Hey everyone. I'm trying to decide between these restaurants for my first trip to vegas with friends. I picked these restaurants because they seem to be moderately priced while still getting good reviews. I wanted to know what everyone thinks is the best out of these options or if there was a better moderately priced option on the strip for italian food?

I appreciate the help. Thanks!

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  1. Have been to Fiamma, Onda, and Spago

    I would say Spago here, easily. Portions are large, flavors are bold, menu has some semblance of seasonality, and you really can't ever go wrong with Chef Puck's cuisine

    I have a reservation here in 3 weeks which I am looking ver forward to


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      Is there a certain place to request to sit? Also how is the ambiance at Spago since I know it's in a mall?

      1. re: adams728

        I request to sit in the open air front area, which yes, is inside a "mall", albeit, a very nice/upscale mall. Gives a view, and it's alot airier than the back, formal room. So if you want to avoid the vibe out front, def request to sit in the formal area in the rear, great ambiance back there for you.

        1. re: adams728

          Spago has two areas. There's the casual cafe part open to the mall plus a more secluded full restaurant. Ambiance is okay at the full restaurant.

          Valentino is similar but the main back dining room is really in dire need of a remodel.

          Some tables at Fiamma are also right on the wall to the mall. It's an open grill sort of wall which is kind of off putting.

          We often have an early dinner at the Spago cafe on our last day since we often take an 8ish flight home.

          1. re: zippyh

            Alright guys I appreciate it thanks! Just to clarify you'd all definitely go spago over the other three correct?

            1. re: adams728

              I would say yes, definitely. Fiamma's menu is rather uninspired these days, and Onda is almost a none-thought as far as I'm concerned. You will not be disappointed w a meal @ Spago

              1. re: BartenderMT41

                Alright I appreciate it. Thanks a lot. Hate to be annoying but I was wondering lastly if il mulino or rao's were worth the price. Heard that they don't live up their new york counterparts at all, even though supposedly rao's in ny isn't even that good anyway haha

                1. re: adams728

                  I thought il mulino was terrible but that experience was a few years ago.

                  We ate at Valentino last November and thought the food was very good. Just that the room itself was terrible. It was very dark (not in a good way) and although it seemed in decent shape, looked like it hadn't been updated since the place opened.

                  The Valentino cafe out front is a much more pleasant space.

                  1. re: zippyh

                    Thanks a lot. I got a better idea of what I'm doing now! Love chowhound haha