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Apr 24, 2012 05:09 AM

Sunchokes or Jerusalem artichokes

I am having trouble finding this potato-like vegetable call sunchokes or Jerusalem artichokes. I live in the NDG/Cote des Neiges/Snowden area. Can anyone suggest a store that may have these? Thanks.

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  1. In Quebec they are called Topinambour and the season here is October. But I am sure you can find some at Chez Louis at JTM. Call first to be sure.

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    1. They usually have them at Rock Montana on Sherbrooke/Harvard(?) - they had some yesterday...

      1. I've seen some the past weekend at Marche Atwater, and also at the IGA on Notre-Dame, so they shouldn't be too hard to be found

        1. I have been getting them in my CSA. Usually, that means you can get them at the organic store at Marche Atwater.

          1. I second Rocky Montana.I just bought some this past Sunday.They are in the open refridgerator where they keep the mushrooms.