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Apr 24, 2012 04:51 AM

Fresh Breadfruit

Does anyone know a place that carries breadfruit. I had it for the first time over the weekend and really enjoyed it. Preferably south of Boston. Thanks!

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  1. Tropical Foods in Dudley has it. Call ahead of time to confirm which day they get their delivery though.

    1. I'm reviving this thread, as I too am on a breadfruit quest.

      Let's broaden the scope: is there ANYWHERE around Boston that we know sells it?

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      1. re: FinnFPM

        I don't see it on the current wholesale produce reports for the Boston area. So anyone carrying it would be using a jobber out of NYC. There are specialty markets which get regular deliveries directly from NY. A southeast asian market or Tropical Foods as Matt H mentioned would be good bets. I would bet you could find it around Lynn, but unless galangatron can report seeing it that isn't much help. I have bought it from La Sultana in Somerville, the old Super 88, and believe that I have even seen it at Market Basket in the past but wouldn't expect any of those to have it right now if its not being distributed out of Chelsea/Everett.

        1. re: itaunas

          Good advice. Tropical had it last week. Didnt pick up any personally so cant vouch for the quality, but they had it in stock. Give them a call, they are typically pretty helpful in the produce department.