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Apr 24, 2012 01:21 AM

Assaggio del Forno

Heard this place was good - anyone been and tried it out yet?

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  1. I went one Thursday night around 7 pm. It was busy, but not mobbed. There were definitely empty tables. Walked in and a nasty woman, older woman in her late 50s early 60s, immediately said it would be at least an hour or more wait. I asked if she was kidding and she basically ignored me. Based on her alone, I am hesitant to go back, but I walked by recently and noticed she wasn't at the hostess stand so maybe she is no longer there. Would love to hear about the food myself.

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      I finally had the chance to go last weekend and you're right it was busy. I was excited to try it because I know it's one of the sister restaurants to Max's Grille and Max's Harvest - both of which I love. The food was really good - I've seen a lot of reviews on this place slamming it for the portion size, but it's Italian tapas, so portions are not meant to be huge. We started with the fritto misto - perfectly lightly fried and crispy. We went for more of a happy hour and so we ended up sharing the pork shoulder and chicken under a brick and both were delightful. Don't let that lady at the front desk scare you off! :) Give it a try - curious to hear what you think.