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Apr 23, 2012 10:04 PM

Top Chef Canada, Season 2, Episode 7 (spoilers)

So I'd like to start off by saying - I, along with Jimmy - love, love, love Richard Blais. I'd follow him around with a goofy grin if I lived in his town (Don't worry Richard, I'm not a real stalker!)

So the Quickfire finds the chefs choosing unlabelled cans of food which they have to transform into a delicious dish. They have to use at least 3 different canned items. Some of the items are pretty common - tomato sauce, sardines, broth, coconut milk, sausages - but there are some items that the chefs can't identify. Curtis cuts himself and bleeds like crazy.
On the top: Curtis' carrot pakora, olive oil poached salmon and cranberry foam; Ryan's grilled mackerel with Romesco; Trevor's slow baked salmon with curry broth.
On the bottom: Carl's eggs on cocotte with mystery sauce; David's Phiily-style rib eye chowder; Jonathan's curried fish noodles with black garlic-stuffed eggs.
The winner is Ryan and he gets immunity.

For the Elimination challenge, the chefs spin the wheel of deconstruction to select the classic dish they must re-interpret in a deconstructed manner.
Ryan - eggs Florentine, Curtis - tuna casserole, Trevor - spaghetti and meatballs, Xavier - quiche Lorraine, Jimmy - chicken pot pie, Trista - meatloaf, David - chicken noodle soup, Jonathan - strawberry cheesecake, Carl - chili.

Guests for this challenge, Johnny Reid and executive chef of Toca, Tom Brodi, and of course Richard Blais. Jimmy makes confit chicken and biscuit with mushroom froth and wasabi pea and regular pea ice cream. Ryan makes fried duck egg yolk with spinach sponge cake and hot sauce zabaglione. Jonathan makes cream cheese ice cream with reconstructed graham cracker. Carl makes a pork chili terrine, bean salad and cheese bread. David makes a redemption terrine so it's a chicken confit and vegetable terrine with pearl pasta. Trista makes a beef tartare with garlic chips. Curtis makes tuna canelloni and hot tuna salad with milk crouton. Xavier makes shortbread and bacon cylinders filled with scrambled egg mousse. Trevor makes duck meatball stuffed with tomato sauce and tagliatelle.

On the top: David, Xavier and Trevor.
On the bottom: Curtis, Jonathan and Jimmy.
The winner is Xavier and Curtis goes home.

Nooooooo!!!!! Curtis, you will be missed. Too bad you didn't get the cheesecake. You probably would have killed that one.
Jimmy's hero worship almost did him in. Hard to think clearly when you're in love. And what is that tattoo on his chest - flames? At first it looks like strange-looking chest hair peeping out of the top of his t-shirt.
Congratulations to Xavier for his first win and a special congratulations to David on his terrine redemption and for living up to his potential.

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  1. Damn Curtis... I knew they were going to cut you from the beginning of the episode. The interview where you said "I've never been to culinary school..." seemed like foreshadowing. Keep smiling!

    I was nervous Jimmy would get a surprise cut. I felt so bad for him. He cooked for his idol but Blais totally ripped it apart.

    I couldn't figure out Xavier's dish but good for him for winning!

    And I literally gasped at David's terrine. It looked like art.

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    1. re: cellophane_star

      I felt bad for Jimmy but I also think he did it to himself. He was so fixated on impressing Blais with his cool tricks that he completely forgot it has to taste good. I mean, why would you ever put wasabi peas in something that's supposed to taste like chicken pot pie?

      That said, I'm surprised there weren't more disasters. Deconstructing dishes is really tricky to do well and a lot of people are tempted to do weird for weird's sake.

    2. Curtis! So sorry and not the right choice IMHO! Hope you'll stick around here though! All the best to you in your career - which will be long and successful!

      1. I was sorry to see Curtis go as well as I grew to be a fan as the episodes progressed. Personally I don't think the right decision was made. Curtis, I'll definitely be stopping by your restaurant the next time I'm in Ottawa.

        1. I also thought the Jimmy / Richard infatuation thing was pretty funny - I was halfway expecting him to leave his room key on the plate when serves dishes to Richard.

          1. Bummed! Curtis was/is my favorite! So sorry about that!
            Great episode...seems like the presence of Richard Blais and the thought of deconstruction freaked out a few of the chefs...