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Apr 23, 2012 09:59 PM

Affordable Raleigh Brunch?

I'd expected that this would have been well covered but didn't see anything when I searched.

My friends and I are getting into the Sunday brunch habit and since we have a range of incomes (including several grad students) we'd like to find places with interesting food/atmosphere but with good value. Assume about $12 per person or so.

Please don't say Briggs, IHOP, Denny's, or Waffle House without a smiley or two.


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  1. What's great about brunch is you can often eat at some great places for about the price you mentioned. I would suggest Beasley's Chicken & Honey, Market Restaurant, Mandolin, Coquette, or Battistella's.

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      Porters and 518 have some good and reasonably priced offerings in an inviting atmosphere.

    2. I have enjoyed the all you can eat Sunday brunch at Cantina South on Glenwood. It's $15, so just a bit above your target price, but lots of options and an easy-going pleasant atmosphere.

      1. If a ride to Durham is ok, you need to check out scratch. It is small and hard to get a table, but the food is worth it. Very reasonable, awesome coffee and plenty of baked goods to take home

        1. I've been to Market and Coquette and like both. What about Wilmoore Cafe? Not sure if there is some place nice like Fraziers that is doing brunch. Actually I'm not sure who does and doesn't do brunch anymore. Would someone be willing to add to this thread a list of places (by city) that do brunch and then list whether they do Sat, Sun or both? I'd also vote for Dame's Chicken and Waffles (in Durham) all meals are in the 10-12 dollar range and are filling, but they close on Sundays at 3 I believe.

          1. I haven't been yet, but my friends swear by the PR (Players Retreat). They say the brunch food is amazing - and it's very reasonably priced. Humble Pie is one of my go-tos. And you can't beat Nofo for Shrimp & Grits, French Toast, or a healty fry-up. (And their juice and coffee are good!)

            We went to the buffet at Cantina South recently - and although the food was good, I ended up wishing I'd just gone to Humble Pie for Huevos Rancheros! ($15 is only good if you want to eat a lot of stuff, versus paying $12 for what you wanted all along.)