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Apr 23, 2012 09:58 PM

Mother's Day Brunch?

Family from Maine is meeting in San Francisco for the second year in a row, for Mother's Day. Last year we went to Foreign Cinema and loved it -- great food, fun atmosphere, and maybe most importantly, we could make reservations in advanced and avoided the obnoxious wait-two-hours-for-brunch game.

Wondering what other spots people recommend for Mother's Day this year along these same lines? Entrees up to $35/so is fine (I believe last year FC had a special Mother's Day menu that was a bit pricier than normal, but still acceptable for our budget). Any neighborhood in San Francisco proper -- we're staying in Telegraph Hill but will have a car. Thanks for the help!

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  1. I personally haven't been, but many on the board rave about Canteen for brunch. Might be too small for the group. ..

    1. Don't know how many are in your group but take a look at Opentable. SPQR, Serpentine come to mind. For something different, there's DOSA.

      1. The following take reservations.

        1300 Fillmore does a very lovely gospel brunch.

        Baker and Banker has a fabulous brunch with great coffee (Four Barrel) in their dining room.

        Nopa also does a fabulous brunch with great coffee (Blue Bottle).

        Bar Agricole has both in and outdoor seating, full bar, and Four Barrel espresso and drip coffees.

        Boulette's Larder does a fine Sunday Brunch, too. (Blue Bottle coffee)

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          I had already checked Cotogna for myself; unfortunately, they don't serve brunch on Sundays :(

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              All great suggestions, thank you. Have a reservation in at Serpentine for now, will also check out scarmoza's options. Should have mentioned, party of 5 for us...